The Media 24 Shine/Skitter launch party

Monday evenings are normally pretty dull in Cape Town.  I’m usually just happy that I’ve made it through the day without wanting to kill myself or someone else. (clearly I’m NOT a Monday person)

But not this week!  Leigh invited me along to the Grand Cafe & Beach in Granger Bay for an evening of fabulousness at Media 24′s launch of this year’s Shine/Skitter magazine – a magazine dedicated to “must have” jewellery and accessories that will have you going crazy like a little magpie on the hunt. ;)

Just FYI – you won’t be able to buy the magazine separately, but it will come bound with some of your favourite glossies:  Fairlady, Sarie & True Love.  Look out for it in December.

Now the Grand Cafe & Beach is a pretty impressive venue.  Opulent, over-the-top, quirky and fun are what these people live for:

From left to right: The indoors dining area; you can even shop for Grand inspired decor pieces; the eye catching bar area.

And then best of all, they have their own beach!  That’s just how they roll people…

How beautiful is that sunset?

Drinks wise, Jameson had you covered with their own little bar which came with hot ladies and all:

I actually used to be an alcohol promo chick myself back in my student days… hehe… it’s much harder than it looks you know & it paid better than being a waitress…

But being the high flying gals we are, Leigh & I opted to stick to the sparkly stuff.  We got to enjoy some premium Pongracz called Desiderius 2003:

At about R180 – R220 per bottle, it’s a bit pricier than a standard bottle of Pongracz, but it’s worth the extra bucks, trust me.

Media 24′s advertising sales manager, Yvonne Schaff welcomed the crowd and then kicked off the evening with a pretty amazing lucky draw.  Prizes included Lindt hampers, a weekend luxury stay, an Italian handbag and a necklace worth a pretty penny.

Next up Fairlady’s editor, Suzy Brokensha, talked about the intention behind publishing the Shine/Skitter magazine, even though our economy aint that great at the moment. She basically explained that she believed people needed something aspirational during tough times, something to remind us that there is still lots of beauty out there which we can celebrate and use as a means of escape.  I totally get it – I still won’t be forking out a couple of grand on a pair of earrings anytime soon – but I really do enjoy the “window shopping” for now.  And maybe once I can afford it, I will go back to that item I drooled over for hours on end in that magazine…

Next on the agenda was some of the designs from the PlatAfrica 2011 Design competition.  This year’s theme was “Platinum Romance” and the designers were asked to put together a romantic bridal collection.  The competition is open to professional and student designers alike, which means you get quite an interesting mix of entries.  From the classically beautiful to the edgy & fun.

Here are some of the models who were working the room, dripping in jewels (such a tough job hey ;) ):

Apologies up front – I could only match up some of the pieces to their designers:

  • Left:  Earrings & hair fascinator by Dorathea Annandale who came 3rd in the professional category.
  • Centre: Necklace (designed for the modern Chinese bride) by Catherine Slade from College of Cape Town who took 2nd place in the individual student category.
  • Right: Earrings by Kevin Palmer from Lazer Options – winner of the professional category.  And hair fascinator by Wilma Greyling of Stellenbosch University who took 1st place in the individual student category.  It’s a bit hard to see the detail of that piece on that shot, so here’s a close up:

I loooooove hair fascinators… so much better than those boring traditional veil things.

Ooogling all that beautiful jewellery worked up quite an appetite – but luckily the people running the show anticipated that and they whipped out a spread of delectable snacks:

Ta da!!!

On the way back to the bar for a re-fill of bubbly we started chatting to cricket boys Ryan Canning (who plays for the Cape Cobras) and Herschelle Gibbs (well we all know who he is right).

Actually funny story… I first met Herschelle about 6 or so years back on a flight to PE.  Now let me just explain that I’m not one of those chatty flyers – I really prefer to be left alone with my iPod and magazine – so I tend to get a bit cranky with people who insist on talking throughout the flight.  Anyhoo.  He sat in the seat behind me and kept trying to get my attention…  As I don’t follow cricket, I had no clue who he was at the time.   He asked me what I did for a living, I begrudgingly told him.  Then he told me that he plays cricket, to which I responded “Ag, that’s cute” – thinking to myself, its nice to have a hobby. haha.  On our way to collect our luggage, we was still on my case.  He asked for my number and said we should meet up for drinks while in PE.  I wasn’t having any of that…   All the while I didn’t notice the press photographers behind the glass and my mom waving frantically.   I said my goodbyes and headed off.  When I got to my mom she was like “Wat doen jy met Herschelle Gibbs!?!”  to which I replied “Wie de hell is Herschelle Gibbs!?!”  :)  My mom thought it was pretty funny. So ja…

Both boys were sporting some “war injuries”  – Ryan got a cricket ball to the face (ouch!) and Herschelle had a ball hit him so hard between two of his fingers, it split the webbing…ooooh, get goosebumps just thinking about it…

For all the other non-cricket followers: That’s Ryan on the left, me (not a cricket player) in the middle and Herschelle on the right.

It was then I noticed a MASSIVE bottle of Taittinger!  I rocked this stuff while living it up in France back in 2006.   It brought back so many great memories… The excitement lead to an impromptu photo shoot:

Taittinger, for when you’re feeling serious about your champers, or just feeling a little off beat…

Clearly we had a great time. :)  A huge thanks to Media 24 and all the sponsors for making my Monday one to remember.

And as if all of that wasn’t enough – we also got an insane goodie bag on our way out.  Check it:

There’s a small bottle of bubbly, a heart pendant necklace from American Swiss, a Mercedes-Benz magazine, the Shine/Skitter magazines,  Lindt Petits Desserts – Mousse au Chocolat Dark & 25ml Panache Liquid gold perfume.   Then to top it all off, a massive perfume extravaganza consisting of sample sizes of the following:

  • L’Eau D’Issey Florale, Miss Dior Cherie, Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum, Guess Seductive, Lanvin’s Marry Me,  Elemis Eau de Parfum, La Prairie Life Threads Silver, Burberry Body, & Guerlain Shalimar
  • And even two men’s samples for Ted Lapidus Black Soul & Mont Blanc Starwalker.

I’m like totally sorted for months now!  High 5 to myself!  Will probably need to start doing a “Today I’m wearing…” post. hehe.  Leigh will vouch for the fact that I’m utterly boring when it comes to fragrances, so maybe this will be my turning point…