The House and Leisure Night Market is coming to Cape Town

I just love a good market, don’t you?  I can get totally lost in them, in my own happiness bubble, for hours on end…  aaaah…

This is exactly why I was very excited to hear that House and Leisure (in association with Old Mutual) will be bringing their night market, which was a big hit over in Jozi earlier this year, over to the Mother City for a debut showing:



They’re promising a retail therapy filled evening with everything from designer jewellery & local fashion, to decor, design, craft beer, wine, yummy food and more.  (And I love the sound of all of that)

To make sure you don’t miss out, do take note of the following:

  • When?  Thu, 28 Nov 2013 – 5pm to 9pm
  • Where?  Wembley Square, Gardens, Cape Town
  • Entry cost? It’s FREE!

Here’s a little teaser of what to expect:


From top to bottom: menswear by Blue Collar White Collar;  furniture & decor by Modern Gesture; jewellery by Long Jean Silver Designs; fabrics, wallpapers & more from Design Kist; yummy Indian cuisine from Durban’s Finest Curry; and Glen Carlou wines.

For the full list of vendors, hop on over here.  And to stay up to date with any further updates & additions, keep an eye on the House and Leisure Facebook page, or follow the convo on Twitter:  @houseleisureSA #HLMarket

Can you say “prime xmas shopping hub”?  I can’t wait to get my shop on.  It’s gonna get serious up in there…

Btw, this is a little video of what went down at the last Jozi market.  (But obviously ours will be even better.  Everyone knows Capetonians can seriously rock a market OK)


Get 50% off eyelash extensions with Urban Lash & Tan and My Love Affair with Cape Town

IMG_0981So two weeks ago, the lovely ladies at Urban Lash & Tan asked me to come in to test drive their eyelash extensions.

I won’t lie, I was very nervous and very sceptical going into it.  The thought of someone coming close to my eyeballs with glue was firstly a big problem for me…  as well as the worry that I’d end up looking like a total hooker with cheap, fake ass lashes. ;)

But owner, Lisa, put my mind at ease and promised that I could easily have them removed again if I didn’t like them.  So I figured what the hell, let’s do this.

You’ll find Urban Lash & Tan in Wembley Square, just behind the Vida E and right next to the little gym wear shop called FIT.  They share their space with a nail bar, so you just have to walk through to the back to get to the treatment rooms:


The treatment rooms at Urban Lash & Tan

The eyelash extension process involves a skilled & steady-handed eyelash specialist (my lady’s name was Janine), who carefully attaches a synthetic lash to each of your own lashes using a special bonding agent.  Each eye gets about 60 – 80 lashes and the entire process takes about 2 hours.  (For all other questions you might have – like does it damage my natural lashes? or what are the extensions made of? – hop on over to their lash FAQs for all the info you’ll need)

Janine took some before & after shots for me, so I could show you guys a good comparison.  Check it out:lashes1


And just an extra after shot to show you what they look like looking up:


Pretty impressive right?  

I will admit, I was a bit shell-shocked at first.  On day 1 I felt they were just way too much for me.  I’m normally a bit of a “plain Jane” when it comes to beauty, so this was new & slightly scary territory…

But by the next day however, the lashes had settled a bit, they sat a little bit lower and I felt they were starting to look more natural.  By the Monday at work, the ladies at the office (who knew I was going in to have this done) all commented on how natural it looked and said that if they hadn’t known about it, they would’ve just assumed that I was blessed with amazing lashes at birth.  (I absolutely loved that, won’t lie)

I took a few more piccies a few days in.  This is one with some eyeliner, but I have absolutely no mascara on my top lashes.  They actually don’t advise that you wear mascara with your new lashes (only for special occasions if really needed).  I just put a little mascara on my tiny bottom lashes to help it blend in a bit more:


And here’s another shot with some eyeshadow (but again – no mascara on those top lashes):


Lastly, here’s an embarrassing “selfie” to show you the overall look:


Now in the end, I did decide to have them taken off again a week later.  It was a mix of I’m going away for about 6 – 7 weeks at the end of June and I can’t really commit to anything that requires maintenance right now, and I felt too “aware” of them throughout the week.

But looking at these pics again – I miss them now!! (chicks are never happy hey)  I also miss all the compliments I got, I mean nobody hates a good ego boost every now and again.

I spoke to Lisa about it and she said the “aware” thing was probably just because I needed to start out with a shorter set, or maybe I just needed to go a bit more thinned out.  They also do half sets, so I might look into doing more experimenting when I get back from my travels and have more time.

What I will point out however is that if this is something you are keen to try, you have to take note of the following:

  • You gotta be able to lie still for 2 hours to get them done.
  • You’ve gotta take care of them (check out their caring for your lashes page for all the deets)
  • You’ve gotta be prepared to go for fills every 1 – 4 weeks (costs range from R170 – R380), depending on your natural lash growth cycle.  Basically what happens is the lashes will fall off as your own lashes fall off – which is a normal thing, but the rate depends on each person.  (their website explains it all)

Now, if you’re still keen to try this for yourself, listen up, because I can get you 50% off on a new set of lashes for the remainder of June (new sets only – not fills).  The price for a full set is normally R650, so that means you’ll save R325.

To cash in, contact them on 0763864793 (For speedier bookings they prefer SMS / Whatsapp as they don’t have a receptionist) or you can use their “Contact us” form on their website.  Just make sure you quote “My Love Affair with Cape Town” when making your booking to ensure you’re getting the 50% off.

Their address again: Shop 3 Wembley Square 1, Solan Street, Gardens 8001.

And their operating hours are from Tuesday to Friday – 09:00 to 17:30,
Saturdays – 09:00 to 17:00, and closed on Mondays, Sundays & public holidays.


PS.  I’d be very interested to know what your thoughts are if any of you do go.  So do drop me a line OK!

A tasty lunch at the new Wellness Cafe in Wembley

DSC01488I’ll be the first to admit that my eating habits are really quite bad…  I had a personal trainer a few years back and when we started training together he asked me to do this food diary thing for two weeks so he could see what I was eating.  When I showed it to him, he looked like he was going to cry. :)

I can’t cook to save my life (yes, I am the world’s worst Afrikaanse meise) and therefore I live on things like cereal (even for dinner), toast, microwave meals, biscuits & sweets.  I also eat out A LOT and I’m certainly not the girl who’s going to opt for the grilled chicken salad over a juicy burger slathered with cheese & some rich sauce.  This is why I was very intrigued when I got invited to try out the new Wellness Warehouse Wellness Cafe which has opened in Wembley Square.  The promise of easy & healthy food that doesn’t taste like cardboard was something I just had to check out for myself.

First off, the cafe interior is lovely & fresh.  It’s kinda like you immediately feel just a little healthier by simply stepping inside.  (well I did anyways)

wellnesscafeTheir menu covers some great sounding breakfast options as well as deluxe wraps & sandiwiches, salads, pastas, soups, smoothies, fresh juices, slighty better for you than normal baked goods and more.  And then they also do a lunch buffet Mon – Fri from 12pm until 3pm where you can dish up your own selection of goodies & then they simply weigh you plate at a cost of R15 per 100g.  Sadly because I work all the way out in the northern suburbs, I could only pop in for my visit on a Saturday and so I missed out on the buffet.  But, my friend Leigh tried it and loved it.  You can check out her review over here.

Instead, I opted for their Orange Zing fresh juice (pineapple, orange, carrot & cucumber R26 for 460ml) and Free Range Ostrich burger (with lettuce, mozarella, tomato & beetroot chutney  R53.95).  I know, I know – a burger again. ;)  But this was a good-for-ya one!  Bjorn got the Cocoa a Go-Go protein shake (raw cocoa, chocolate chips, vanilla, low fat ice cream, water / soy milk / low fat milk, Natures choise Whey protein R36.95 for 500ml) and the Pomegranate Free Range chicken wrap (cashews, cucumber, sprouts & cherry tomatoes R51.95).  And for dessert we shared a Gluten-free mini carrot cake (R23).  Just look at how beautiful everything looked:


I was a very happy chappy with everything I tasted and best of all I got to stuff my face with yummy things and didn’t leave there riddled with guilt.  Sweet.

I also noticed that they’re running two specials at the moment which looked pretty good as well.  One for those with a sweet tooth and the other to keep the little ones smiling:


The Wembley Wellness Cafe is open Mon – Fri from 7am to 6pm and Sat from 8am to 3pm and you’ll also find a Wellness Cafe in the Lifestyles on Kloof centre.  Next time I’m in need of a break from my evil eating habits, you’ll be finding me chillin’ here for sure.