My Global Party recap

DSC09109The Global Party started back in 2011 with the mission to unify partygoers around the world, all in support of a host of great causes.

With their 2011 kick off party, they managed to throw parties spanning 80+ countries over a 24 hour period.  Pretty impressive, no?  Well not as impressive as the 120+ countries they reached with this year’s party…

For the Cape Town leg, they actually decided to split it out over 3 days this time round. Things kicked off on Thursday evening at Club 31 in the ABSA building, then moved on to Friday evening at the Pepperclub in Loop St, after which things wrapped up on Saturday eve at Shimmy Beach Club.

I got to check out the Pepperclub event on Friday, which was really cool cause I’ve always wondered what it must be like at the top of that building.  The answer? Pretty damn awesome.  This is the penthouse which we got to “borrow” for the evening:


And just check out this incredible view:


We got to rub shoulders with some well connected & interesting folks, while sipping on fancy Piper-Heidsieck champagne and listening to the musical stylings of Jeremy Douglas… sounds like a pretty tough evening hey? ;)


Top: with eTV’s Tanya Nefdt, Roxanne Cloete from Fair Lady & radio personality, Richard Hardiman, who was the MC for the evening; Bottom left: TV personality, Kia Johnson, in a beautiful Elbeth Gillis dress with my Bjorn; Bottom right: with journo extraordinaire, Clayton Morar.


But the real goal of the evening was of course to generate some serious cash for charity, and to get there they threw a lavish auction with items such as ski trip in Switzerland and luxurious local stays on the cards.  The prize values ranged from R6 500 to a whopping R70 000!  Sjoe… clearly it was a little too “rich” for me…  I was definitely not their target market on this one.  But at least something I am good for is making sure I give the two worthy charities who benefitted from the evening’s events a BIG blog shout out.  So here goes:

Wola Nani’s mission is caring through counselling and testing; ARV adherence counselling and support, after school programmes for vulnerable children and income generation opportunities for persons with HIV and AIDS. Most recently Wola Nani launched a Research and Training Institute which seeks to develop good practice models which Wola Nani can share with the HIV sector at large, including government, donors and partner organisations.

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 12.50.27 PM.png

The Saving Private Rhino initiative was established to ensure the future conservation of Africa’s rhino and wildlife heritage, by providing the most comprehensive integrated anti-poaching solution free to every private game reserve in Africa that cannot afford to defend its wildlife.

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 12.50.05 PM.png

Both seriously amazing charities doing seriously amazing things.  Clearly we can’t all compete with the thousands that were put on the table with this event.  But we can at least all contribute in our own small way.  So do follow the Wola Nani & Saving Private Rhino website links above to learn more about them and find out how you can help.  A lot of small contributions add up to a big impact where it counts.

To the Global Party organisers I say thank you very much for a cool evening, and keep up the good work!


The Global Party disappoints

Soooo… after all that hype with the uber fancy invites and the super exclusive silver keys and all (check out my post about it here), I had built up this event in my mind to be something that was going to totally blow me away.

The venue, Fez, did make me nervous.  But I rationalised it by telling myself that surely an event of this magnitude would ensure a night to be remembered, regardless of the venue…

Before I continue, I will point out that I only got to the event at around 10:30pm because I had chosen to first check out the Cosmo Lingerie party (which was awesome btw).  So my view might be slightly scewed due to that.  Maybe cool stuff happened between 8pm and 10:30pm – I dunno.  Some people were like: “Yeah but there was a show and food.”  I saw the tail end of both.  The food was the same as I had at the Playboy Magazine launch party back in May. It looked like their standard snack spread, so nothing special.  The show was the same show they normally have at Fez – again, nothing special.

Venue wise, I still think they could have done better.  Cape Town has so many amazing spots, the Fez just seems like such a blah choice.  Anyhoo, at least it photographs well.  This is the VIP area:

The dance floor area:

The DJ box and a snippet from the show:

Fez was at least packed.  But sadly just with the usual Fri/Sat night Fez crowd.  I couldn’t really spot the “wealthy, well connected types” the Global Party website was aiming to have attend this party.  Actually I had heard earlier in the week that they were handing out free invites at Caprice to random people on the Sunday before.  Then I spoke to other people who mentioned that basically every “event circuit regular” was given a free invite as well.  Hmmmm, me thinks that was a serious FAIL for the PR company handling this thing locally (not sure who they were).  Wasn’t the whole point to collect money for charity?  How are you going to do that with a bunch of people who are just there hoping to score some free food & drinks!?!  (Myself included of course… haha… I’m from PE, it’s part of my genetic makeup! :) Also I’m not rolling in cash.)

We got there just in time for the local charity auction.  They had 9 items up for grabs, mostly luxury getaways and designer items.  But the final item was a VIP box at the Coldplay concert in October for you & 17 friends.  With drinks, snacks, etc. included.

Before the auction kicked off we got to listen to local a’capella group D-Seven, singing The Beatles’ hit “Let it be”, while they introduced the local charity which would be benefiting from the money made on the auction:  Saving Private Rhino.

The Saving Private Rhino initiative’s objective is to ensure the sustainability of the African Rhino by providing an integrated anti-poaching solution free of charge to every private game reserve in Africa that cannot afford to defend its wildlife.  There’s been quite a few horror stories covered in the press recently around this issue, the latest one was of 3 rhino’s which were attacked on 20 Aug at the Aquila game reserve.  Only one survived, while the other 2 did not make it thanks to their gruesome injuries.  The story really pulls at ones heart strings, especially when you see the horrible images of rhino’s with their horns hacked off.  I just don’t understand how anybody could do such horrible things to these amazing animals.

I’m very glad that this worthy cause was selected as the local benefiting charity.  And at least they were able to collect some money towards their amazing cause.  The first 8 items in the auction went for anything between between R7,500 to R30,000.  Then that last item for the Coldplay box went for a whopping R105,000.  That would work out to just over R5800 pp (18 ppl in total in that box) – I thought that one was pretty good going.   It was taken by Sue Main,  CEO of The Grand.

I did a quick calc – they must have collected about R280,000 in total.  That is pretty good.  I don’t want to take away from that achievement, but I still think if they invited the correct “money muscle”, they would have done soooooooo much better.

We didn’t stay too long after the auction.  The vibe just wasn’t great.  Ended up stopping at the 24 Hour Woolies in Orange street for a late night Cream soda & chicken nugget fix.  Mwhahahahaha.  Now that rocked my world. :)

My friend Dax told me that Goodluck played after the auction and that they were brilliant.  I WOULD HAVE stayed for that if I KNEW that they’d be playing.  But we weren’t given any information about the line-up for the evening, so had no clue that there’d be something worth hanging around for.  Aaarrgghh.  That’s just bad communication & planning guys… grrr.

My take away from this:  If the invite seems to good to be true, it very likely is exactly that.


The Global Party invite

My friends, brothers Joe & Benny, are seriously well connected when it comes to the Cape Town party scene.  So for them getting VIP invites to parties is not really a special occasion.  This time however, I think even they were totally taken aback…

They’ve received invites to “The Global Party” for them and lucky partner each.  Seeing as I’ve been Joe’s bestest friend since our varsity days (where he used let me copy his homework. haha. Thx for that btw! ♥ ) -  I’m going along as his “plus one”.  Woohoo!

So what is “The Global Party” exactly!?  A super exclusive world wide event, in aid of numerous acclaimed international charities, including our very own Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund:

Inspired by Phileas Fogg…


Thursday 15th and Friday 16th September 2011

Joe & Ben somehow know someone at the PR agency that is running with the Cape Town leg of this event.  And that’s how they got their way in.  Lucky boys!

The invite came all the way from the UK and was hand delivered.  Each invite came in the form of a luxurious black box, filled with 2 little black books and 2 little gift boxes containing 2 interesting looking silver keys…   Turns out the little black books are the actual invites:

Yes... that's a book people... the invite is a bloody book!

The book contains a unique invitation number which you need to use to RSVP on The Global Party website.  Then it goes on to give you information on all the benefiting charities and all the official venues/hosts for each of the world wide parties all happening over the 15th & 16th of Sep.  In fact, as an invited guest, you can RSVP to ANY of these international parties.   Seeing as we’re not the normal uber wealthy types what would have been invited, we stuck to the “local is lekker” option. ;)

Then there’s the silver key ring that came along with the invite:

The key that unlocks total fabulosity...

This Key-2 Luxury key ring apparently gives the holder access to 1000s of personal contacts and exclusive VIP privileges for life, and is not available to purchase by the general public.  Sweet.  Its also your what will get you in the door at the party on Thu (over and above your RSVP).

From what I can gather, they’ve invited the super rich & super connected from all around the world for this “party to end all parties” with a goal to collect money for the selected charities through ticket sales, donations & “Chapmagne for life” memberships @ £500.  People who place donations & who purchase these champagne memberships even stand a chance of winning their choice of 8 luxury “experiences”.   Here are some of the experiences up for grabs (there are more than 30 of these to choose from!):

The Le Kilimandjaro Experience
Experience 7 nights in one of the most prestigious luxury hotels in the French Apls, including dinner each night in the Michelin starred, gastronomic restaurant La Table du Kilimandjaro, with compliments. Le Kilimandjaro is situated at the foot of the ski slopes of Courchevel in the heart of the largest ski area in the world.

The Shangri-La Experience
In a stunning bay overlooking the Gulf of Oman, experience 3 nights at the exclusive 6 star Al-Husn Hotel, the most luxurious of all three hotels comprising the resort. Enjoy daily breakfasts, a romantic dinner at their finest restaurant “Sultanah”, and a scuba diving experience for two.Indulge in real luxury whilst relaxing on your own private beach, infinily pool and a dedicated butler service.

The Foster Luxury Yacht Experience
Step on board this beautiful, contemporary yacht and indulge yourself in luxury and style. Up to ten guests will set sail to cruise around the Mediterranean for a three hour cruise, which includes anchoring in a lovely bay to enjoy a delicious lunch freshly prepared by the exclusive YachtPlus chef.

The Orient Express Experience
The magical elegance of the Orient-Express is nowhere more clearly expressed than through the seasonal ‘grazing’ menu aboard the British Pullman. This gastronomic experience for two is complemented by the sommelier’s choice of fine wines whilst you enjoy the breathtaking English countryside.

The Franco’s Experience
Experience a Champagne Truffle dinner for 16 people in the beautifully private dining room. Franco’s has been serving the community and visitors to St James’s from early morning to late at night, for over 60 years. Situated at the St James’s end of Jermyn Street, Franco’s is surrounded by the many lifestyle boutiques, private clubs, art galleries and hotels of the area.

Hectic right?  I dunno how I would choose only 8 from the list they have on the website.  They all sound so incredible…  But then again, I don’t have £500 lying around to use as a donation, so I guess I don’t have to worry about it! ;)

The dress code states:  “Dress as if the world’s your stage!”.  I don’t really know what that means..  I mean what ever happened to the good old “formal / semi formal / smart casual / casual” classifications? haha.  But I’m pretty damn sure jeans aint gonna cut it here.  So I better start planning!

The Cape Town venue is the Fez night club.  Yes yes, I know, not my favourite.  But I’m sure for this event they are going to go the extra mile to ensure everyone has a great evening.  I do however feel like there are tons of way more impressive, beautiful venues in Cape Town that they could have chosen from.  But I’m gonna keep an open mind.

So anyhoo, will tell you guys all about the actual party then after Thu…