Seeing the city through tourist eyes

So I’ve had my friend Austin here for a few days.  He’s a New Orleans born guy who currently lives in San Diego.  We became friends on a train station somewhere in Italy while I was touring there in 2011.

It’s his first visit to Cape Town (and South Africa for that matter) and I’ve been playing tour guide – a role, which I must say, I really am enjoying.  I mean, getting to show of this city which I love so much, walking around and going “So here we have this awesome thing and there we have that unbelievable thing”, it’s been really great to see his reactions.

Yesterday for example, we had a jam-packed day.  We started things off on top of Table Mountain:


That view just never gets old…

Currently it’s R215 for an adult return ticket – R205 if you book online, which is also better cause you will also save on some queueing time. (Sadly you don’t totally get away with queueing though, the online tickets line is still a bit of a killer)

Some of you might not know however that you get a free ride on your birthday (for over 18s only) AND if you hit the cableway at sunset, you only pay half price.

Sunset rides are available until 20 Dec 2013 and then again from 6 Jan – 28 Feb 2014, it kicks off at 18:00 and you cant buy these online. (But it’s still a really good deal, and very very pretty to see the sun go down from way up there)

After a hard morning of mountain exploring, we hit the Camps Bay strip.  What’s the hottest spot on the strip on a Sunday?  Cafe Caprice of course:


Also a great spot for people watching and a refreshing cocktail or 3…

Austin was an instant fan of their burgers and I’m rather fond of their crispy calamari salad. He loved this place so much, he even left with a Caprice t-shirt. :)

Lunch was followed by some sun worshipping and more people watching over at Clifton 4:


Ah, life can be so tough sometimes…

Followed by a kick-ass sunset concert over at Kirstenbosch with Jack Parow featuring David Kramer & Francois van Coke:


Best concert backdrop ever? I’d say definitely yes…

If you haven’t yet done one of these.  Why not??  Hop on over here for the full summer concert schedule.  Tickets range from R65 – R120 (with discounts for the little ones) and you can book them all via Webtickets over here.

Now in how many other cities around the world would you be able to do all of that in one day?  Not many, that I can guarantee you.  It truly gave me new appreciation for this beautiful place I get to call home and I think I can say with 100% surety that Austin has fully fallen in love with Cape Town too.  Success!

I predict follow up visits in his future…  nobody comes here only once…


Best view in town

This past weekend it was the perfect weather to get my tan on, BUT I was way too lazy to get into my car, drive down to Clifton or Camps Bay and then still fight for parking… Then it dawned on me, my building has a rooftop pool which I never use. :)

I thought to myself “Sweet, pool bliss is only a short lift ride away!”  As I got up there, even though I had been on the rooftop several times before, I was still blown away by the incredible view.  Check it out:


When I got there, it was just me and another lonesome dude.  So I took a quick dip (water was absolute perfection) and then settled onto my towel for some much needed Vitamin D (aka “The Sunshine Vitamin”).   About 15min later I had passed out and was lost to the world for about an hour.  I woke up with one of those embarrasing jolt/fright movements, drool running down my cheek… that was when I looked around and realised that there was now about 12 or so people all around me, chatting away etc.  Very, very awkward.

I quickly packed up my things and ninja bombed outta there.  Luckily I was wearing a hat & shades, so hopefully nobody recognised me.  Still, despite this little blunder, I think I have found my summer haven…


Going up the mountain in style

My friend Darryn (aka “the man who wins EVERYTHING”) won a sunset ride up to the top of Table Mountain for him and 9 friends.  The prize also included free food and drinks. Yeah baby! :)

For those who haven’t been up there in a while (or ever), they have a relatively new loungy spot up there now where you can enjoy some cocktails and snacks while taking in the best view in town.

Ta da!

This is where they hosted us for the evenning.  Check out the killer spread that was waiting there for us:


We headed up at 6pm, thus giving us lots of time to enjoy the sunset.  This was my winning shot for the day:

Pretty damn impressive huh

And then there was one lonesome dassie who came out to say hello:

Are you getting my good side?

To work off all the snacks, we decided to walk the tabletop and do a bit of exploring.  I loved how the light kept changing as we moved over the different sides of the mountain:

And then I tried to see if I could spot my apartment building.  If you look at the pic below, it’s in the middle, the grey dot next to the black speck. :)

You see it? hehe

So how much does it cost to make your way up to the top these days?  (for those not brave enough for the hike)  Well an adult return ticket usually costs R195.  If you book online however, you’ll save R20 and only pay R175.

BUT… even better is getting yourself a Cable Card for R490 and then you have free access to the mountain for an entire year!  Yes, that’s right – you could go up there every single day if you wanted.  That’s pretty sweet, especially now that the world has acknowledged our beautiful mountain as one of the New7Wonders of Nature.  So make a plan people and get your asses up there. ;)


It’s official people – Cape Town is the best!

So I dunno if you’ve heard this already, but Cape Town has been voted the nr 1 travel destination in the world on Tripadvisor!!!  How freakin’ awesome is that!?!  Then again, they’re really just confirming what Capetonians have known all along… :)

In your face bitches!!! Mwhahahahahahaha…

Now, who makes up the rest of the top 10?  In second place (just a nice way of saying “big ass loser”) we have Sydney.  haha.  Everyone knows South Africans love making fun of Australians (just some light hearted competition) – so this is just perfect!  Then there’s:

3. Machu Picchu, Peru
4. Paris, France
5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
6. New York city, USA
7. Rome, Italy
8. London, UK
9. Barcelona, Spain
10. Hong Kong, China

I’ve been lucky enough to already see numbers 4 – 7.  Number 3 has always been on my “must see” list, and I’m thinking Spain will be my next overseas adventure.  So I’m gonna work my way through this top 10 in no time.

This news I’m sure is also a huge dent in the egos of all those annoying Joburg people who always try and put Cape Town down by saying stupid stuff like: “so what if you guys have a bloody mountain and the ocean… we have plenty of cool stuff as well”.  Um… no, you don’t… if you did, you would be on this list… seriously… now you can just shut the hell up.  You lose. haha. :)

So why do I love this city so much?  Well for one thing, this is what I get to wake up to every single morning:

View from my lounge! Yes, you can hate me now...

Then there are the world class beaches, the amazing restaurants & night life, the awesome shopping, the beautiful winelands, and the list goes on and on and on…  It’s simply everything your heart could possibly desire, all in one spot.  This is my home.  I might flirt with other cities and countries from time to time, but I will always know where I’m truly happy.  This is where I belong…

Ciao for now. xxx