Girls night out

So as I told you guys in my previous post – I was put in charge or organising my friend Lucy’s bachelorette celebrations.

After the success of part 1 (the pamper party), we had a short break to line our stomachs.  For this there is obviously only one option – Steers!  Gawd I love Steers.  You’ll often find me in my car basically inhaling a packet of their chips – it’s my favourite guilty pleasure.  Add a cheese burger & a Cream Soda and you also have the perfect hangover fix.  Trust me on this one.

After getting all spruced up back at mine, we hopped into a taxi and headed over to Camps Bay for stop nr 1 for the evening: Sapphire Coctail Bar.

So pretty...

Sapphire was one of only a few places that didn’t require a crazy minimum bar spend or a food order to book a table.  And for only R450, there was a bottle of Vodka with various mixers waiting for us on our table. These guys were so helpful & friendly and for that I will definitely support them again.

Some of the gals: Tatum, Sabeen, Lucy (the bride to be) and moi

Now obviously what happens on a hen’s night stays top secret… kinda like that “what happens on tour, stays on tour” saying.  So I can’t divulge too much for the fear of being “taken out”.  But what I can say is that the caramel vodka shots flowed…

Blegh... just looking at this pic make me feel ill all over again! hehe

And we got Lucy to work those beautiful blue eyes of hers to collect money to fund the rest of our evening out. :)

That R20 was only the beginnning... she did VERY well, even scoring a $20 note as part of her money stash.

At around 11pm we moved upstairs to St Yves.  I had emailed them beforehand and they were awesome enough to put us all on the guest list.  That meant we saved on the entrance fee.  Sweet!

The VIP bar area. Don't be fooled by the emptiness in this shot, by midnight the place was packed. Capetonians are known for arriving fabulously late of course...

Here we decided to mix things up with some new shots (well half newish, it still contained that damn caramel vodka stuff):

Apparently this is called a Bar-One: half chocolate vodka and half caramel vodka. And yes, it does taste as sickeningly sweet as it sounds... eerggghh.

I was fascinated by some of the images on the walls.  I kept joking that this girl below on the right is exactly what I look like when I wake up in the morning:

Of course, that's like totally me at 8am... it could happen... in some alternate universe or something...

More money collecting continued and we did quite well as the place was packed with foreigners, including some very friendly Canadians and also a group of fun Austrians who were in town to shoot some big fancy ad.  A  huge thanks to all of them for letting us invade their space for the evening.  They were great sports.

There’s only one more picture that’s safe enough to share, cause I had the sense to take one more shot of Dani & I looking “fresh” before our imminent downward spiral…

Ah, we look so innocent... Mwhahahahaha

The rest of the pictures will be kept in a safe place… never to be seen by our significant others… never to be tagged on Facebook… and never to be spoken about ever again. ;)

Oh btw – Lucy’s tiara, pink “bride to be” tie and “bad girl” garter (not seen above for obvious reasons) are all from King Cake in Gardens – my # 1 stop for any party & dress up related needs.  I also got these super cheesy (but fun nonetheless) “dare cards” which had a pretty good entertainment value.

All ‘n all, it was an awesome night out with my girls.  Yes, we suffered the next day, BIG TIME.  But dammit, it was worth it.   Evenings like these are good for the soul.


My COCO bikini loot

So initially I wasn’t sure I would be able to attend the COCO Lifestyle bikini sale I told you guys about here.  BUT THEN, I entered a competition they were running on my My City By Night where you could win a R500 voucher to use at the sale… and I won!!!  (I never win anything… OK well not never ever… I once won R70,000.00 on an Afrikaans game show on kykNET – true story – it only cost me my dignity. hehe).

Here's my lovely prize... with Love from the COCO people.

To win this baby I had to leave a comment telling them where my favourite place is to wear my bikini.  This was my totally genius answer:

Anywhere where I can totally flaunt it! Be it Clifton, Camps Bay, a swanky pool party or next to the pool at The Bay hotel. Hard work in the gym paired with a super hot bikini needs to be celebrated in style.

I know what you’re thinking… pure talent like mine is just so rare these days. :)  So I shuffled some things around and headed over to St Yves bright and early on Sat because I wanted to be the first person there.  ** Bikini shopping is no joke people – you have to bring your A game **

My plan worked well because there were rails and rails of goodies for me to browse through (even including some cute beach cover up items) and as it was still nice & quiet, I could take my time in choosing the perfect items.

For the record, that girl in the pink arrived after me... I WAS the first customer.

There were lovely COCO girls standing by to help you with your purchase:

This pic's for the boys. You're welcome.

As well as some tempting snacks & drinky-poos to give you an energy boost:

I stayed far away... trying on bikinis with a pot belly is never a good idea... trust me.

And after about 40min of trying things on and contemplating options, I finalised my purchase.  What did I end up getting?   Check it out:

Left: Bikini from the Mermaid range; Right: From the Catch of the Day range.

I decided to get two alternative bottoms for the white bikini – the white bottom being more sexy & slinky and the pink one being more playful.  When showing it off to my girlfriends they were like “You’ll probably get more wear out of the pink one…”.  Then when showing it to the boyfriend, he was like “You’ll never use the pink one, it’s got way too much fabric.”  Go figure. :)

I have to tell you guys that the fit of the COCO swimwear is absolutely stunning and the quality of the fabric & stitching is top notch. I was really really impressed.  Now I’m gonna have to spend a lot of time at the beach or poolside because they deserve to be seen. (Holding thumbs that this CT weather will improve soon)  Anybody want to invite me over for a fancy pants pool party? Anybody?

All together it only came to R800 (thanks to the unbeatable sale prices), which meant with my R500 voucher I only had to pay in a little bit extra.  Such an awesome deal!

And to top it all off, I also got a free Chinese fan which is totally going to come in handy for my MCQP Maid in China outfit this coming weekend:

Ta da!

The ladies from Dermalogica were also on hand to advise you on some crucial items for your summer skin care routine – cause you can only do so much in the gym ladies & gents – the rest comes down to prevention & care. ;)

At first I was like “Ja ja, I love your products, but they’re just a bit pricey” – they quickly set me straight, comparing my usual skin care product prices to similar items in the Dermalogica range and proving that I’m actually already spending pretty much the same, if not more.  I guess it’s just easier to forget about it when you’re putting it on that Edgars account…

They took me through some options which would allow me to slowly transition into the range without blowing the bank and I got a voucher to use at their concept store in Wembley Square on a Microzone treatment.  So that was a really nice surprise.  Thanks girls!  I’m seriously considering making the move now.

Before I ran off I got to chat to COCO Lifestyle owner & designer, Clarisa Nel.  She’s an absolute doll and a regte Afrikaanse meisie like myself.

Clarisa & Karisa - wearing totally colour coordinated outfits. How weird is that!

I’m so glad I was able to pop by in the end.  It totally made my day.  A huge thanks again to Clarisa and co for my awesome voucher.  I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for new ranges in the future.