The Cape Quarter Market

There’s a new market in town ladies & gentlemen… introducing the Village Market @ Cape Quarter!  The market launched this past Sun and will be open every Sun from 10am to 3pm.  They refer to themselves as:

A unique, European Lifestyle Market that supports local goods and produce, all the while striving to be as organic and environmentally friendly as possible.

But to be totally honest… the first thing that went through my mind was: “But will there be pancakes?” :)

We kicked off our market shopping with some interesting sounding spring rolls:

I went for the Thai hake & Braised Lamb… Mmmmmm…

Then I was also tempted to try a fresh pie.  My friend Johann had one and he looked pretty damn happy.  Just look at this awesome display of featherlight crust:

The lovely lady at the Frying Dutchman stand gave us some free “poffertjesto sample – basically they’re like little pancake puffs sprinkled with cinnamon and dripping with chocolate sauce & fresh cream.  How great does that sound?

BOOM! These babies were absolutely delicious…

After that I had to be dragged away from the Voila! stand with all their evil cupcakes, tarts & macarons:

My friends totally fear my sugar high’s I think… mwhahahahahaha

Next we headed upstairs to what seems to be the main market area – but you’ll find stands all over the new Cape Quarter extension.  Here there was lots of seating place and it was buzzing with people.

The Heavenly Treats stand was a real stand out for me.  Those quiches just looked… well… heavenly!

And then for some reason the sight of this bagel stand just made me want to run up and jump right into that stack.  I dunno why exactly.  It must have been a carb attack. hehe.

My friend Grant, who loves to cook – especially curries & potjies – went mad when he saw all the spices on offer.  And I must say, it did make for quite a pretty photo:

He noted that a lot of these spices are very hard to come by, especially fresh, so this was a real score for him.  Good to know.  If I ever learn how to cook – I will keep this in mind. ;)

I was very tempted to support the oysters & champers stand… well more for the champers than the creepy, slimy, gross oysters (can you tell I don’t like them?).   But seeing as it was only 11am – we hadn’t quite reached “wine-o-clock” yet.

As we went back down, towards the outer edges of Cape Quarter, my dreams finally came true… we found the pancake stand!  (well the dude called them “crêpes” – but that’s just a fancy pants name for the same thing right).   This guy was a real pro – just look at the ultra smooth hand movement, creating the perfect thickness for the fluffiest pancakes ever:

Best R15 I’ve spent like ever…

After all that eating, I felt like I needed a nap.  But hey, that’s what Sundays are for! :)

All and all, I think this market offers up some great things.  I suspect that it’s going to become very popular.  I personally LOVE markets, so I think it’s truly great that Cape Town folk have yet another cool one to check out.