My Design Indaba recap

This year’s Design Indaba which took place at the CTICC from 27 Feb to 3 Mar was a visual feast as always… DSC05032 DSC05085 DSC05078 On the day I was very much drawn mostly to the decor / interior design sections (oh and the food section  - come on now, you know me ;) ).  For some weird reason I wasn’t really in a fashion and jewellery mood, so therefore you’ll see that my recap is mostly focused on all things to beautify your home.  But don’t you worry, I have some really amazing things to show you.

I did at least catch a bit of one of the fashion shows and I totally loved the Design Indaba ramp setup this year.  Check it out:


Cool hey? Very retro and weird and interesting…  all the good things really.

The show was for Chimpel who specialises in luxury leather accessories and whoever came up with the idea of putting all the models in simple black deserves a high 5.  It certainly ensured that the accessories and the accessories only took centre stage.


The Chimpel stand in the fashion area

Now for the rest of my findings…

Loved these colourful “Play Play” cabinets by De Steyl.  They’re all the way from the Garden Route and for these babies you can select your cabinet size & style, what colours you want and what furniture feet you want.  They’re made from Birch Plywood with laminate faces and finished in natural oil:


They say these are “Furniture for kids of all ages”.  Now I certainly no longer classify as a kid, but I still try to be a kid at heart at least. I loved these, they made me smile and I could easily see one of them in my home, kid or not.

Still in the category of wooden cabinets, how insanely beautiful is this piece by Andrew Dominic who does private commissions and custom interiors:


I won’t lie, it took us a while to figure out how to open it, but you just gently push and ta da…

Lucas R Adams from Kraftisan offered up some fun, environmentally friendly lamps and laptop stands:


And I was totally obsessed with these moustache cups from Quirky Me (they’re situated in the Old Biscuit Mill btw):


“Do epic shit” – I agree!

Other ceramic pieces which caught my eye were these cute animals in bowls and on plates by Cath Price Ceramics:design_indaba_cathpriceAnd other intersting things included the following (apologies, I realised afterwards that I didn’t get business cards / names for all, but I’ve tried my best to add that info in where I could):


Top: bamboo & brass lights by MOS (Makers of stuff) products, with names like “The Smile” and “The Cloud”, they were just absolutely magical; Bottom left: wooden monkey (I freakin’ love monkeys – designer unknown); Bottom right: light bulb heart light (designer unknown)


Clockwise from top left: raw wood table with glass top (designer unknown); Graeme Bettles Design sitting lamps; graphic & colourful side tables (designer unknown); cool skull fabric by Hands that Rock the Cradle


Clockwise from top left: Wintec Innovation (winners of the Innovation Award for their Stratflex furniture system which allows rigid boards to become flexible); PhotoBlox; Meyer von Wielligh designs (loved this plant inspired book shelf);  then loved that woven chair in the middle (designer unknown)

Bjorn was very drawn to this stand by Thingking with their version of a Rube Goldberg machine which is a deliberately over-engineered machine that has to perform a very simple task in a very complex way, using chain reaction events.  For example here the ball has to travel from one end to the other, but it has to do so by passing over and through various weird & wonderful things that ensure that the ball keeps moving:


They actually won the 2013 Most Creative Stand award…

And I was captivated by this little sheep dressed by cowgirlblues who designs knitwear made from top quality, natural & local fibres sourced from Karoo sheep & goats farms:


Hello babba… you wanna come home with me?

I also loved these little recycled robots by Jasper Eales Original.  Don’t they just look like the possible character lineup for the next Pixar film in the making?


Want one? Then contact him on 082 224 3749 or

Because I’m allergic to pollen, these beautiful hand-painted paper flowers by Durban based Freshly Found were also right up my alley:


And they won’t die!

Now you might have heard that Gavin Rajah‘s pebble dress won the prize of Most Beautiful Object in South Africa:


Photo credit: Gavin Rajah Facebook page

And I agree, it is quite spectacular.  I couldn’t even imagine what it must feel like to wear a piece like that.  Stunning.

But my personal most beautiful object has to go to the cupcakes from Queen of Tarts  :) :


Cupcakes are a form of art to you know…

All ‘n all the Design Indaba was a very inspiring day out.  Well done to all the creatives who exhibited this year.  It’s so exciting to see how South Africans are pushing the boundaries of design, thinking outside of the box and creating things that uniquely African.

I sadly left there wanting to change up pretty much my whole apartment (again).  Hopefully one of those “you’ve won the <insert name here> lottery” emails will come through… ** crossing fingers **


PS.  If anybody can confirm the designers I missed above, please leave a comment below and I’ll update the post.

Things me loves…

I keep getting hassled by the family about what I want for my bday & xmas this year…  I really didn’t have anything particular in mind.  But in my family, you are forced to put together a wish list.   And money, money & more money is not allowed. ;)

So anyhoo… I started searching the web for some inspiration and I stumbled upon Quirky Me‘s online catalogue.   I’ve mentioned Quirky Me before, they have a gorgeous little shop in the Old Biscuit Mill, but I didn’t realise you could peruse through their beautiful goodies from the comfort of your home.  Sweet.

The following things are now on my “must-have-or-will-throw-tantrum” list:

Heart Chopping Board - R550

Jacaranda Heart Wood Bowl - R180

Robot with Heart mirror - R300

Love Vinyl Sticker - R340

Ceramic Tea Cup with Sparrow - R100 each

Mix + Match Cutlery Set - R260

Keep Calm & Carry On Poster - Sky Blue - R290 (extra for framing)

Singing Bird Print - Grey - R200 (extra for framing)

Pacman Print - R250 (extra for framing)

Yes, I did notice the heart theme throughout most of the items above.  I am heart befok – give me something with a square shape or a round shape and I’m like meh… but slap a heart on that baby and I go crazy.  Dunno why.  My friends will vouch for the fact that I’m not exactly a romantic… I find most mushy stuff a waste of space.  So ja, it’s a bit ironic. :)

It looks like I might be buying a few gifts from me to me this year.  I think I deserve it…


It’s time to pimp out your place of residence

If like me, you are totally over the “OMG I got all this stuff from Mr Price Home for like under 500 bucks!” phase in your life and you now appreciate quality furniture & decor, then you’ll love this little shop at the Old Biscuit Mill that is home to both Abode Interiors & Quirky Me.

An abundance of awesome unique pieces...

They stock everything from creative art works, beautiful mirrors, interesting light/lamp shades, quirky ornaments to reupholstered antique chairs and more.

You name it they've got it... even some kitchen wares

They also had a small display cabinet with some intersting hand made jewellery pieces – a little too dainty & pretty for my taste, but very cool one-of-a-kind designs.

I really loved those two black canvases with the names of all the big cities from around the world... perfect for a trendy loft apartment.

The shop definitely gets ones creative juices flowing.  It gives you some really great ideas for making a boring space more intersting.  And for adding a nice quirky touch to your home. I mean who still wants stock standard, run of the mill stuff in any case?

Also loved the wicker lamp shades. Who would've thought that wicker would actually make a come back!?

Yes – the items you’ll find here are not going to be cheap.  But you’re not exactly getting mass produced poo from China here people!  Live a little, buy something different, I guarantee you… whatever you buy here will make you smile everytime you look at it.

I didn’t make a purchase here on this visit.  But trust me, I’ll be going back. :)

Happy shopping guys &  gals. xxx