Brave enough for the 2012 Horrorfest?

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Right, so halloween is just around the corner folks… mwha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. ;)  And if you’re into all things creepy, crawly, scary & totally gross, you’re gonna looooove the 8th edition of the SA Horrorfest.

Kicking off tomorrow eve at The Labia Theatre (68 Orange St, Gardens) and running until 2 Nov, you will be able to check out all kinds of horror flicks, from the great classics to some seriously hectic new stuff.

I love horror movies.  I just can’t watch them all the way through.  I usually chicken out once that  creepy / high tension music starts playing in the background, then close my eyes and rely on my friends telling me what’s happening.  Hehe.  That’s usually followed by sleeping with a nightlight for about a week after, but I just can’t get enough!

This year’s theme is Frankenstein, so of course there will be a couple of movies related to Dr Victor Frankenstein’s monster, but in total there will be 27 movie screenings, including feature films (with 3 South African productions), documentaries, short films and even an audience participation Rocky Horror Picture Show screening.

For all the movie options and tickets, hop on over to Quicket over here.  Oh and… be afraid… be very very afraid…26 October