I finally get my A-List fix

So I’ve already told you guys about my shameless A-List addiction here.  Well last week I got another one of those tempting little SMSs:

“A-LIST launches a HOT new collection today! AMAZING pieces for AMAZING people! Get the best of next seasons key international looks only at A-LIST. Hurry!!!”

I was panic-stricken… you see A-List is in Long St in town and I work all the way out in the dullsville northern suburbs!  Aaarggh…  I was gonna have to wait for the weekend, but by then lots of beautiful goodies would have been snatched up by fashion addicts like myself, but who are lucky enough to work in the city bowl.  Bitches… :)

I finally managed to make it over there on Saturday and I was glad to see that there were still lots of awesome stuff for me to work my way through!  My new golden rule when it comes to shopping is: “If you’re not sure about something, try it on!!!  You might just love it…”  So usually, thanks to that rule, I snatch up a whole bunch of items to try on.

A-List has got you covered on pretty much all the key spring/summer trends:

Lots of brights...

Brights and colour-blocking are going to be huge – most of the stuff I bought in Italy are super bright.  Then they also have lots of options for the monochromatic trend:

Who doesn't look good in these shades? I will ALWAYS love black...

Romantic freaks and girly girls are totally in luck! Pretty is in, and in a BIG way.  Soft fabrics, feminine styling, floral prints, frilly and lacy bits here and there…

Pretty in pink!

I also found quite a few items that work for the “70s inspired” look that is also pinned to be massively popular.  See the lovely “ink” colours below and flowy blouses, that’s very on trend.

Luckily most of these trends are also super comfy & very flattering...

Then A-List also stocks fabulous accessories – think belts, scarves, head gear and more:

I need all of it... seriously! ;)

And some one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces:

I looooove shiny things!

I also couldn’t resist taking a snap of the mannequin – her name is Anna.  They dress her up in different outfits every day… lucky girl!

Looking faaaabulous dahling!

I tried on a bunch of really cool things, but finally settled on two dresses at only R495 each.  The first has a seriously fun print and is short and flowy with pockets! I love pockets…

I added the belt. But it's also a previous A-List purchase.

Here’s a close-up of the print:

Baby elephants! How freakin' cute is that?!

The second is a sexy little black & white number:

This print also has some seriously cool detail... think trees, birds, temples and more!

But the real deal-clincher was the awesome heart cut-out on the back:

Ta da!!! :) Not the best shot - I had to do it myself, but you get the idea...

OK, so by now my male readers are probably passed out or ready to puke at all the girliness on this blog post.  Sorry guys!  I’ll look out for something dirrrrty to write about soon… I promise.  But for girls, this is pretty much like porn. So let us have our moments every now and again. haha.

Right, gotta run. Chat soon. xxx

PS:  Boys, remember there is a mens collection at their 2nd store at 221 Long Street.  Go check it out!