Support the Rock Girl initiative with Jenni Button & Paul du Toit

Luxury women’s wear label, Jenni Button, and renowned SA artist, Paul du Toit, have put their creative energies together to show support for an initiative called Rock Girl.  But what/who exactly is Rock Girl?  This is their mission:

Rock Girl is a grassroots movement to inspire, encourage, and invest in girl-initiated and girl-focused projects in the private and public sectors.

Rock Girl connects girls and women to champions in government, business, the media, sports, fashion, and the arts who can help them design, implement, and fund their projects. Rock Girl seeks to reduce violence against women and girls through the creation of safe spaces.

Rock Girl empowers girls to stay in school and encourages women to become economically independent so that they can live healthy, risk-free lives.

SA has one of the highest incidences of rape and sexual violence on the continent, and 2 out of every 5 rape victims are girls under the age of 17…  with stats as scary & upsetting as these, the work the guys & girls at Rock Girl are doing is extremely important, without a doubt.

So with this, Jenni Button & Paul du Toit collaborated to create an exclusive, limited edition tank which will be sold in selected Jenni Button stores across CT & JHB.

100% of the profits from the sale of these tanks with go directly to the Rock Girl initiative and they’ve already managed to get support from top SA celebs like business woman Sonia Booth, singer/songwriter LIndiwe Suttle, TV presenter Liezel van der Westhuizen, former Miss Universe Michelle McLean-Bailey, Bollywood actress Tarina Patel, singer/songwriter/presenter Nandi Mngoma and TV & Radio personality Jen Su.

These bunch of talented & gorgeous ladies got together for a glamourous shoot to help promote the campaign (wearing the limited tank of course), and this was the result:

Group image hi-res

From left to right: Sonia Booth, Lindiwe Suttle, a gorgeous model (sorry don’t have her name) & Liezel van der Westhuizen


Liezel & Lindiwe

Michelle McLean-Bailey, Tarina Patel, Nandi Mngoma, Jen Su

From left to right: Michelle McLean-Bailey, Tarina Patel, Nandi Mngoma & Jen Su


Sonia & Nandi


Michelle & Jen

Credits:  Pics provided by Vivid Luxury.  Photographer: Natalie Field.  Hair by Carlton International.  Make up by Kohl Make up Academy. 

Right, now for the important details:

  • The vests cost R490 each
  • And they are available at the following Jenni Button stores (until stocks last):
    In CT – Cavendish & Canal Walk, and JHB – Sandton, Hyde Park, Gateway and Brooklyn.

This is a great opportunity to shop totally guilt free ladies.  In fact, you’ll actually be shopping for a great cause!  How’s that for being fashion forward hey…


It’s Veuve Clicquot Masters Polo time again!

JJS_1357_01The Veuve Clicquot Masters Polo has become another event I look forward to every year.  It’s held at the beautiful Val de Vie wine estate outside Paarl and it’s a fantastic opportunity to dress up, drink endless amounts of French bubbly, snack on delicious canapés and watch some polo ponies doing their thing.

The guest list for this event is always a good mix of celebs, socialites, fashionable folks & polo lovers,   and this year they’re expecting a whopping 1200 people to be there.

To be one of them, book out Sat, 23 Feb on your calendar right now and hop on over here to secure your ticket.  Veuve Clicquot Masters Club tickets cost R390 pp and includes a welcome drink and a light lunch.

There’s also going to be a Hilton Weiner & Jenni Button fashion show and a competition for best dressed (Warrick Gautier, the creative director for these two brands, will be on the judging panel).  So planning that perfect polo chic look is key people…


Some piccies from last year to further tempt you…  (that’s the gorgeous designs from last year’s Hilton Weinter & Jenni Button fashion show in the bottom pic)

I have no clue what I’m going to be wearing yet, so it is stressing me out a little.  I need a fairy godmother dammit! ;)  But I’m sure I’ll work it out.  The most important thing really is that this is a great day to hang with some great people.  So if you can, get a group of friends together and organise a designated driver or taxi so you can totally embrace the non-stop champers appreciation.


Oh and if you’re lucky like I was last year, you might also be wedged between SA hotties, Ryan Botha and Ryk Neethling… aaaah #bliss.

Hope to see you guys there. :)


Veuve Clicquot Masters: The Recap

This past Saturday was just one of those days that couldn’t possibly have turned out any better.   I must hand it to the Vivid Luxury team, they sure know how to put together one hell of an event…

My dress for the event was from a little shop in Canal Walk called Daisy Island (which is now closed sadly) – it’s that dress that you can wrap and twist into like 20 different styles, it’s pretty awesome.  And then I was rocking another lovely fascinator by Carrie B, check it out:

The venue for the event was the Val de Vie estate just outside Paarl.  The absolute gorgeousness of this place actually can’t be explained in words.  So I’m going to let the following images set the scene:

Bjorn was lucky enough to score two VVIP tickets, which according to Google stands for “Very Very Important Person” – and boy did they go out of their way to make you feel like one.  Of course, being a Veuve Clicquot event one major perk was fabulous French champagne flowing all day long!

Oh yeah… come to mama…

Food wise we also got seriously spoilt, with dashing young gentlemen working their way through the crowd.  Each time passing with something even more enticing than before:

You can just leave the tray, thx!

As (let’s face it) a polo event is really more about the fashion than the horseback action, the entertainment kicked off with a fashion show where Jenni Button and Viyella presented some gorgeous gowns & menswear from their latest collections.

You just can’t beat that backdrop…

But don’t worry, there were horsies too – I can prove it. :)

As I know absolutely nothing about the game of polo, I’m just going to leave it at that…

Instead, I’m going to move on to some “happy snaps”.  Here’s me with Bjorn, who was looking very suave:

We got to mingle with TV personality & actress, Kelly Parkhurst (who is sooooo sweet) and her equally lovely fiancé, Grant, who was rocking some very brave only-real-men-wear-pink shorts.  Loved it.

Then of course also my two partners in crime for the day: Leigh & Clouds there on the right.  Mwah! Love you girls.

Then the obligatory ladylike piccie before we totally overindulged in the champers and started looking um… “not so fresh”.

Gorgeous gals: Leigh, Kelly & Clouds.

But even if that DID in fact happen (never to me of course, cause I’m an absolute angel), they totally had you covered with the Elizabeth Arden pamper area where you could have your hair & make-up done:

AND as if that wasn’t enough, you could walk out there with your handbag filled with free Elizabeth Arden goodies including their famous 8 Hour cream and some Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara.  I was cursing the fact that I only brought a tiny clutch bag.  Stupid, stupid girl…

Check out Leigh – she has that crazy eye thing going on. The girl just loooves free beauty treats.

While there I bumped into darling Sarah Martin who was wearing some seriously lust-worthy killer heels:

Amazing right?

Dominiek and Kerry from The Little Hattery were also there offering up some fabulous hat & fascinator options, which in case you didn’t know is a total must for any horse related event:

These were some of my favourite pieces:

Being the total divas we are, we couldn’t resist a quick pose-off session on the red carpet:

That guy in the background was laughing his head off at us…

Back at VVIP city, we were given yet more food.  My favourite, being an Afrikaanse meisie, was the steak & chips – but a fancy version of this old classic:

Then the grand finale to blow everyone’s hair back – hot pink macarons served on super cute individual serving trays:

Ta da!

Some fabulous people on the scene included fashion blogger, Jasna Zellerhoff aka Fashionjazz and celebrity blogger, Clayton Morar.

Lookin’ good guys

Top Billing presenter, Jo-Ann Strauss was without a doubt my best dressed lady of the day.  Her look was put together by local designer Elbeth Gillis and she was a real show-stopper:

Then the beautiful Jeannie D sparkled in a sexy Jenni Button number:

And sports hotties, Ryan Botha & Ryk Neethling were there to ensure there was some eye candy for the ladies as well:

Clouds was in this photo as well… but I totally cropped her out! Bhahahahahaha. Sorry babe! I just wanted them all to myself…

All the while my very own piece of eye candy had been collecting various Veuve inspired accessories to complete his look:

Fabulous daaahling

I think it was to help him get into the zone for the big boules tournament…

Just look at that concentration.  You can do it!!!

I had the VERY tough job of supporting him from my sun lounger, champers in hand…

Ah… what a tough life…

After the sun had set, me moved over to the Equus Lounge for the big after party.  Here people could let there hair down on a chandelier framed dance floor:

While being entertained by The Swing Tings:

Love this lady – gorgeous girl with an amazing voice

And who was busting out some killer moves right next to me on that dance floor?  None other than that Fresca dude, Hakeeem Kae-Kazim!  You remember those ads from the 90s – “cause nothing tastes like Fresca!!!”  Of course he’s moved on to much bigger and better things since then, including roles in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Shame, not the most flattering shot for either of us. But too good a celebrity moment to pass up.

I finished off the evening chillin’ in style on a gorgeous Victorian couch with my two US buds, David & Jon Jon:

Also giving my feet a much needed rest… sjoe

Now THAT’S what you call a successful day out.  I am very impressed that I managed to last all the way through, I must be getting really party fit – which in my book is far more useful than being gym fit. ;)

This event is definitely something to look out for again next year.


Rock the runway

Canal Walk shopping centre hosted a 4 day “Rock the Runway” celebration from 7 – 11 Sep.

The idea was to get young talent from five of Cape Town’s schools to each produce a fashion show at Canal Walk to raise school funds.  Then the main event would be a showcase of couture collections by top Cape Town Designers presented by Elegance Fabrics, Cape Town Designer Paul van Zyl and Canal Walk.

I went to go check out this Couture Summer 2011 Collection show on Saturday eve.  You could buy tickets to the seated area, but the really cool thing was that it was also open to the public, you just had to be willing to stand – but there was plenty of space with a good view of the action.  That’s what we opted for.

The show took place in Canal Walk’s main exhibition area, close to the food court:

A view from above… Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

I’m actually one of those people who usually rushes through Canal Walk – totally focused on my “to do” list.  I never take a slow stroll to take it all in.  Hell I barely ever lift my head…  if I did, I think I would have noticed all the cool detail high above the store fronts:

Seriously, has that stuff been there all along?

The show opened with a special segment where all the featured designers got to present some designs to show off the latest summer fabrics available from Elegance Fabrics.   I didn’t catch all of it, was fiddling with my camera  (sorry, it’s new OK… and I haven’t read the manual yet! haha) – but some of the Hip Hop ideas were pretty interesting:

Apologies for some of the shaky images to come.  It was pretty hard taking decent shots because those models move to bloody fast…

The real couture show kicked off with a collection by Hendrik Vermeulen:

Must say, not sure where the hell that white poofy thing would be appropriate. You wouldn’t even be able to have a drink all night! ;)

Next up was Stefania Morland:

Loved the fun & flirty details to her range – it was very pretty.  Then we had Robyn Roberts:

I thought most of her stuff would be too “old” for me.  But I did love that short, shimmery number.  It had a super low back which made it very sexy.  And then I also thought that last wedding dress was also quite pretty.

Next up was Hip Hop – but this time with their couture stuff:

I didn’t really love anything in that range…  not my style at all.  Then it was time for Cindy Bam:

Some very dramatic gowns in that collection.  But where do people still wear dresses like those these days?  Even if the event invite says “black tie” – Cape Town girls simply rock out a short coctail dress.  Hmmmm.

Next up was Rosenwerth:

Beautiful gowns.  But loved the cute feather head pieces even more!  Then we had Jacques Lagrange Couture:

His stuff was a bit OTT for me personally, but at least it was creative.  That red glitter dress however was a total mess – doesn’t it remind you of a bad Christmas party outfit? ;)

Next we had Umbra:

Loved the bright colours and also how every dress seemed like it had been perfectly molded to the model’s body.  I love a perfect fit.

Then we had Kobus Dippenaar:

Loved the crazy hats! Also his attention to detail was impeccable.  From a creativity perspective, I enjoyed his range the best.

Next up was Paul van Zyl:

I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Paul van Zyl.  But I must admit, this collection did not blow me away.  I wouldn’t really want to wear any of those pieces.

Then we saw the all-in-black collection of Francois Rall:

Now I love black just as much as the next girl.  And there were some really nice pieces in that collection.  But I couldn’t help feeling that there was nothing new or exciting about it.  A bit blah unfortunately.

Lastly we had Jenni Button:

The only thing I really loved in that collection was that short, partly sheer, sequenced dress.  Unfortunately it didn’t photograph too well.  Trust me, it looked much better in person.  Would only be able to rock that if I had a killer tan though…

So there you go boys & girls – now you’ve seen what some of the best Cape Town designers had up their sleeves.   I actually really enjoyed the show.  Was far more extravagant than I had expected.  To be totally honest – my expectations were super low… like as low as you could imagine… I wasn’t feeling too great (had a cold) and therefore I didn’t really feel like doing anything too hectic, so this just sounded like the perfect alternative to simply vegetating on my couch.

I’m glad I did manage to drag myself off of my couch in the end.  The show has now inspired me to jazz up my summer party wardrobe quite a bit.