Some Gourmet Boerie specials to help you keep warm

So it’s Friday afternoon… the weekend is finally here, but the weather certainly is not playing along.  You’re probably thinking “I could kill for a boerie & a beer right about now”… if not, you probably will be after I tell you about these specials the guys at Gourmet Boerie over in Kloof St are currently running:

First up, their Winter Special:

image001For R110 you will get a selection of Gourmet Boerie’s seven mini rolls (OMG I love mini rolls!!!), ranging from their traditional “Old Skool Boerie” roll to their seasonal “The Hangover“ roll.
Add to that a large serving of their original shoestring chips as well as a Mini Dessert Platter with a trio of proudly South African sweet treats.
PLUS, you can also enjoy two Craft or SAB Beers! (or if alcohol’s not your thing, you can swap it out for two cool drinks).  This special is available Mon – Fri, but listen up, it’s only running until the end of August.

Then we have the Potjie Tuesdays Special:

image003This one’s also only running until end Aug, so there’s only 2 more opportunities left to take advantage…
Treat yourself to some good ol’ South African potjie kos. Served in old-style mini potjie pots with pap, brown rice, whole-wheat grain or creamy mash.
Available every Tuesday (until end Aug) from 17:00 to 22:30 for only R75.

And lastly, the Saturday Special (and the good news is that this one’s gonna stick around):

image002R55 gets you any Gourmet Boerie roll with a serving of the original Shoestring Chips and a 300ml SAB beer.
Oh and you can choose from a selection of rolls, varying from the veggie-infused to the Mexican-inspired roll to add some spice.
This special’s going to be an ongoing one, every Saturday.

I actually haven’t been to Gourmet Boerie in a while, dunno how that happened, cause I love that place (I’m just gonna blame all my travelling).  But now I definitely have to get my butt over there cause those mini rolls are calling my name…


Gourmet Boerie’s official launch bash

I’ve been patiently (OK I lie, I’m not patient in any way hehe)… anxiously waiting then… for Gourmet Boerie to open since hearing the first rumour of it’s future existence like months and months back.

The thought of my favourite food getting a fabulous high fashion makeover was just too much excitement for me to bear!

When I then finally got my invite to their official launch, I was the happiest girl on the planet.  Like possibly, just possibly, even happier than when Zara finally opened in Cape Town.  Yup, I love boerie rolls that much. :)

I joined the party after the COSMO Summer event and was totally blown away at how busy it was.  I mean this place was absolutely buzzing.  Clearly there are lots of people, who like me, just can’t resist a juicy piece of sausage on a roll.  Mmmmmm.

Decor wise, Gourmet Boerie is fresh & inviting with long wooden tables & benches, green & orange pops of colour and interesting lamp shades hanging from above.  Oh and get this, for the sports fanatics, they have two 53” high definition plasma screens and for the interweb addicts, they have free Wifi.  Nice, very nice.

Throughout the evening we got to sample awesome mini boerie rolls covering a good selection from their menu.  They were the perfect size to inhale in just one go (and trust me, I did):

Oh yeah…. sooooo damn good…

I really loved the Gorgonzola (Creamy gorgonzola sauce with poached pear, caramelised pecan nuts and rocket), the Shroom Sauce (Creamy mushroom sauce with fresh herbs and cos lettuce), the Mexicano (Tomato salsa, sour cream, guacamole, jalapeño chilli, coriander and cos lettuce) and the Pure Sophistication (Caramelised onion, goats’ cheese, roast cherry tomatoes, basil pesto and rocket).  Seriously doesn’t that all sound crazy good?  For the full menu, you can hop on over here.

The wine & local craft beer was also flowing all night and we even got to sample some mini desserts.  Gourmet Boerie’s dessert menu has all the classic South African desserts: milk tart, malva pudding, apple crumble and even koeksisters.  Aaaah, koeksister syrup runs through my veins I tell you. ;)

The crowd was entertained by DJ talent Lady M, Nick Turner from Sons of Trout and Adrian Brand from Springbok Nude Girls – which all added to the great vibe of the evening.

Comedian & MC, Paul Snodgrass, was also there to add a bit of a chuckle and then Gourmet boerie co-owner (and also the Festival Director of the Rocking the Daisies fest – just so you know), Craig Bright welcomed the crowd and shared the journey that he and Justin Stead embarked on to bring this dream of theirs to fruition.

Paul Snodgrass on the left & Craig on the right.

I have to say, I have sooooo much love for this proudly South African initiative.  And I really can’t wait to go back and have a proper sit down meal.  I mean who would be able to resist all this temptation:

Photo credit: Charlie Sperring

Things you need to know:

  • Boerie prices range from R35 – R60 and each comes with a portion of shoestring chips.  And you can also choose between a white, wholegrain or rye bread roll.
  • Address:  5 Buitenkloof Studios, 8 Kloof St – right at the bottom of Kloof, across the way from the McDonalds.
  • Contact details: / 021-424-4208
  • Opening hours:  Tue – Sat from 11am to 10:30pm

Viva la boerie!


Gourmet Boerie teaser…

I’ve been keeping a keen eye on a new development on the corner of Kloof & Buitensingel streets in town…  It’s a dining spot called Gourmet Boerie and they’re due to open later this month.

The term “boerie” being Afrikaans slang for “boerewors”, the name clearly points to the fact that they are going to be serving some designer boerewors rolls.  Mmmmm, doesn’t that sound good?  As you guys should know by now, I’m a BIIIG boerie roll enthusiast.  Meat sausage on a roll equals perfection in my world.  Simple, yet so incredibly satisfying, I never thought it could get better than it already is.  But then, this Gourmet boerie concept popped up and I started thinking… maybe it can… maybe it’s time we started thinking outside the boerie box so to speak and shake things up a little, take a risk, try something new… a boerie revolution might be upon us! :)

My sources tell me the guys behind Gourmet Boerie will be putting a big proudly South African stamp on this new venture.  Everything in-store will be locally sourced & produced, from the ingredients and menu items to the staff uniforms & furniture.  And to top it all off they’ll be pairing their boeries with some ice cold Jack Black, Darling Brew & Devils Peak craft beers.  Boerie and beer, a match made in heaven.  As for the actual boerie creations, expect babies like these:

And then I’ve also heard that you’ll not only be able to choose your wors (traditional, lamb, chicken or vegetarian) but also your type of roll.  How’s that for a customised boerie experience?

Of course I’m planning a visit as soon as they officially open their doors.  So watch this space.  In the meantime you can drool over their menu on their website and also enter a competition where you can win a gourmet boerie and craft beer each week for a year by simply leaving a comment on their home page.

You can also stay up to date with their developments via Facebook or Twitter.  Oooooh, I just can’t wait dammit! ;)