I kit myself out for Rock Werchter at The Lot & score a free pair of sunnies too

From 4  -7 July this year, I will be in Belgium for Rock Werchter.  If you’ve never heard of it, it’s basically this: a 4 day music festival of pure awesome. :)


This will be me!!! (Photo credit: pics taken from http://www.rockwerchter.be/)

It’s a music festival for all types… Rock, punk, hiphop, soul, dance, garage rock, folk pop, bluesy rock, whatever goes really, which is really great for variety over those 4 days.  And get this, the lineup’s already including bands like Green Day, Bloc Party, Dizzee Rascal (for the record, I’m not a fan – but I think he’ll at least be a entertaining live act), Rammstein, Kings of Leon, John Legend, The Lumineers, Blur, 30 seconds to Mars, The Script, Two Door Cinema Club, and freakin’ Depeche Mode! (absolutely looooove them – I’m such an 80s child)

Anyways, I’m not just here to rub in what a great time I’m gonna have (which I obviously am), I’m also here to rub in what awesome festival friendly gear I got myself at The Lot. ;)

The Lot, for those who haven’t yet shopped there is the perfect place to get your hands on some clothes with serious edge.  Rocker gear, hipster flair, whatever your deal, just don’t expect your usual department store garb.  I’ve always loved them for their accessories in particular as you always find things here that are quite unique.  Check my loot:


A good start to my festival wardrobe.  I mean, it’s all about looking the part you know… Rocker cropped Ts @ R199 each, high waisted shorts @ R350

But for realz now, I’m actually here to tell you about the awesome special they’re running at the moment:  Spend R750 or more and you get a free pair of sunnies of your choice:


My new babies… #HipsterDeluxe

So I thought I’d share the love and spread the word, cause I think it’s a pretty sweet deal. Plus their stuff’s pretty great at the moment too.  So go forth and shop!

Hope everyone’s having a rocking Easter weekend so far (or just long weekend for those who don’t celebrate this holiday).  Keep safe y’all.


Beautiful Maverick let me play a bit of dress up…

So tomorrow night is the Marie Claire Loeries Winner’s after party and I’ve been racking my brain as to what I’m going to wear.  A party like this calls for something sexy, something with oomph and something I haven’t worn before. ;)

Luckily for me an angel stepped into my word in the form of Genuvieve Davies from Cape Town based label, Beautiful Maverick.  She found me after I wrote about a Beautiful Maverick sheer pintuck blouse which I bought at one of the Blink Boutique pop up stores.

We’ve been chatting and she’s told me about some of the exciting things on her horizon (there will be more about that later).  She also told me a funny story about a little bit of confusion around her label’s name.  For some reason, some folks drop the “Beautiful” part and purely focus on the “Maverick” part and therefore she gets a lot of strange calls actually destined for that notorious Cape Town “gentlemen’s club”.  I told her she should just tell them that she’s not in the business of taking clothes off, but rather in the business of putting clothes on. :)

Turns out she’s also been chatting to Clouds who also covered the same Blink Boutique event and who is also going to the same Loeries party.  We told Genuvieve about the party and our stress about what to wear and she was like “chill ladies, I’ll hook you up” (OK that wasn’t her exact words, but that’s how I choose to remember it in my head. hehe).  Upon hearing this news I did a dorky happy dance after which I started bragging to anyone who would listen, which included the poor guys at the security desk at my apartment building as well as an unsuspecting cashier at the 24 Hr Engen/Woolies…

Yesterday morning we popped into her studio in Kenilworth to go and try on some options.  Now I’m not going to show you what I went with in the end, all I can say is that it has a bit of a “wild side”.  But I’ll be showing you that baby in my Loeries party pics for sure.  I can however share some of the other things I loved:  ** please excuse my puffy eyes – during allergy season, mornings are not my thing… then again, mornings are pretty much never my thing, haha **

A sexy grey one shoulder.  Love how girly it is.

Cute satin shorts paired with a sheer top with leather trim. I love shorts for cocktail wear.

A stunning pop of colour…

Some white lace. The nice thing is that you can change up the colour of the slip. She has black, coral & a pretty lime green. The lace part also comes in black.

This one to me had a bit of a “flapper feel” and if unlike me, you actually have cleavage, you’ll be showing off your hotness in this number.

Perfection for the office. Clouds said this is a dress you could fire someone in. Move over Mr Trump!

Gorgeous right? You can check out the Beautiful Maverick Facebook page for more pics of her new summer range.

Just so you know, Beautiful Maverick is currently stocked at the following boutiques:

  • The Space in Cavendish Shopping Centre CT, Rosebank JHB & Woodlands Shopping Centre in Pretoria
  • Blue Bay in Geen Point CT

But for more info, you can just contact Genuvieve directly on:

  • Tel: 021 674 6549
  • Cell: 083 686 7649
  • Email: genuvieve@telkomsa.net

Thanks lady!  Can’t wait to rock my fancy frock tomorrow eve. :)


Indiemode online fashion store teaser

There’s a new online fashion player on the horizon.  It’s called Indiemode, their home base is here in Cape Town, and they’re due to launch on 31 Aug.  My retail therapy addicted soul is smiling big time. :) 

It’s going to be focused on the ladies (sorry boys!), but hey, who knows what the future brings…  They will also be focusing on proudly South African designers only, so think all things with that unique SA flair, locally produced and original.  In this way, Indiemode will be providing a platform for our local brands & designers to get some much needed exposure.

If you are a local designer who wishes to showcase your things on Indiemode, you can contact their project manager, Dani Jibrail at dani@indiemode.co.za

They already have a whole host of local talent who will be featured with their launch.  They include:

Oh and looky looky, you’ll even be seeing me striking a pose or two. ;)

Duck Egg – not just something you can eat, also a colour you’ll be wearing this summer…

Check out their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter for more info.  Or pop on over to their website and subscribe so long, that way you’ll know immediately when the site is up.


I finally get my A-List fix

So I’ve already told you guys about my shameless A-List addiction here.  Well last week I got another one of those tempting little SMSs:

“A-LIST launches a HOT new collection today! AMAZING pieces for AMAZING people! Get the best of next seasons key international looks only at A-LIST. Hurry!!!”

I was panic-stricken… you see A-List is in Long St in town and I work all the way out in the dullsville northern suburbs!  Aaarggh…  I was gonna have to wait for the weekend, but by then lots of beautiful goodies would have been snatched up by fashion addicts like myself, but who are lucky enough to work in the city bowl.  Bitches… :)

I finally managed to make it over there on Saturday and I was glad to see that there were still lots of awesome stuff for me to work my way through!  My new golden rule when it comes to shopping is: “If you’re not sure about something, try it on!!!  You might just love it…”  So usually, thanks to that rule, I snatch up a whole bunch of items to try on.

A-List has got you covered on pretty much all the key spring/summer trends:

Lots of brights...

Brights and colour-blocking are going to be huge – most of the stuff I bought in Italy are super bright.  Then they also have lots of options for the monochromatic trend:

Who doesn't look good in these shades? I will ALWAYS love black...

Romantic freaks and girly girls are totally in luck! Pretty is in, and in a BIG way.  Soft fabrics, feminine styling, floral prints, frilly and lacy bits here and there…

Pretty in pink!

I also found quite a few items that work for the “70s inspired” look that is also pinned to be massively popular.  See the lovely “ink” colours below and flowy blouses, that’s very on trend.

Luckily most of these trends are also super comfy & very flattering...

Then A-List also stocks fabulous accessories – think belts, scarves, head gear and more:

I need all of it... seriously! ;)

And some one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces:

I looooove shiny things!

I also couldn’t resist taking a snap of the mannequin – her name is Anna.  They dress her up in different outfits every day… lucky girl!

Looking faaaabulous dahling!

I tried on a bunch of really cool things, but finally settled on two dresses at only R495 each.  The first has a seriously fun print and is short and flowy with pockets! I love pockets…

I added the belt. But it's also a previous A-List purchase.

Here’s a close-up of the print:

Baby elephants! How freakin' cute is that?!

The second is a sexy little black & white number:

This print also has some seriously cool detail... think trees, birds, temples and more!

But the real deal-clincher was the awesome heart cut-out on the back:

Ta da!!! :) Not the best shot - I had to do it myself, but you get the idea...

OK, so by now my male readers are probably passed out or ready to puke at all the girliness on this blog post.  Sorry guys!  I’ll look out for something dirrrrty to write about soon… I promise.  But for girls, this is pretty much like porn. So let us have our moments every now and again. haha.

Right, gotta run. Chat soon. xxx

PS:  Boys, remember there is a mens collection at their 2nd store at 221 Long Street.  Go check it out!