Let’s take it outside… with Converse

Last Fri night I attended my 2nd Converse party.  And get this, it was for FREE. :)  The first party was back in December of last year and it was a block party in and around Assembly.  You can check out my post about that one here – it was one awesome event.  For that party I also scored free tickets via Webtickets.  So this time round, I was lucky enough to get a heads up email from Webtickets again which told me that I needed to hurry up to get my hands on only 3500 free tickets to their “Let’s take it outside” event.  I wasted no time to insure I wasn’t going to miss out on another incredible night.

The action went down in Founders Garden which is kinda behind the Artscape in town and where the Zip Zap circus is based.  This space was totally transformed for the evening to make it a weird and wonderful playground for the lucky few who snapped up tickets…

As we entered, the first thing we walked into was this awesome chilll spot scattered with vintage looking lamp shades of all things.  It was really cool.  The idea was that you’d just pull up a spot on the grass under a lamp shade and catch up with a mate for a bit.  Luv it.

Then we moved on to check out the 3 stages.  The main stage was home to some top local bands, like Holiday Murray, Beatenberg and Desmond & the Tutus – who totally killed it on stage.

The 2nd stage was called the Star Chevron stage and here you could shake your body to some crazy drum & base, Rugga, Ska or BreakBeat beats.  OK – I dunno what most of that means – all I know is that I really liked it! ;)

Stage number 3 was the Jack Purcell stage where you could enjoy some funky hip-hop & kwaito…

So they seriously had everybody’s music tastes all covered.  Then if you needed to take a break from the music for a bit, you had lots of options like sumo wrestling:

And mechanical bull riding:

And if you happened to get hungry, they had you covered with the tastiest boerie rolls with all the trimmings and some of the freshest, bestest popcorn I’ve had in ages.  Yum!

Really to me this felt like a mini music festival, kinda like a one night only Rocking the Daisies or something – but without the long drive and camping mission.  Seriously, very very cool indeed.

A huge thanks to Converse for putting together yet another kick ass event.  I’m really looking forward to the next one.  Here’s hoping they make this a regular thing.  And remember guys, keep an eye out for those free tickets.  My tip would be to make sure you’re registered on Webtickets.


Converse heats up the block with one mean party

Last Thu eve I checked out the Converse Block Party at The Assembly - which is conveniently within walking distance from my apartment.  Another awesome thing about this party?  I got a free double ticket through Webtickets

Headline acts for the evening included: 340ml, Shadowclub, Niskerone and Sibot and they were joined by New Holland, Lapse, Sedge Warbler, VGA, Funafuji, Haasbroek, Tommy Gun, Kid Fonque, Bteam and more.  OK, I’ll admit – I don’t know who most those people are, but it sure does sound impressive, doesn’t it? ;)

They cordoned off a section of Harrington St outside The Assembly for the event and it was really cool to see how many people came out for the party.

Outdoors they had the 12-metre-long I*> truck – which had it’s own entertainment area including a mobile concept store inside the truck.  There was also a few bar areas, a DJ stand and lots of yummy food stalls, including my ultimate:  Boerewors rolls!


At one point the one bar started running out of booze.  That made me a bit nervous.  But luckily they were still fully stocked up inside. :)

You had to go indoors to watch the headline acts in any case. I knew I couldn’t stay too late cause I had a BIG weekend ahead of me (a wedding, my bday, MCQP, xmas shopping, etc) – so I could only stay to watch one band.  That band happened to be 340ml:

So who are they exactly?  Well the band consists out of 4 dudes who are originally from Maputo, Mozambique:  Pedro da Silva Pinto on vocals, Paulo Chibanga on drums, Rui Soeiro on bass and Tiago Paulo on guitar.  Now based in JHB, the band mixes quite a lot of elements into their music, including Jazz, Afro-jazz, Reggae and even Dub, thus ensuring for quite an interesting sound.  This was the first time I had seen them perform and I thought they were brilliant.  It’s always awesome to discover new (well new to me at least) local music…

In the end, I still got home at about 2am – which is later (or should I say earlier) than I had aimed for – but hey, at least it was worth the lack of sleep. ;)