Strong like bull

On Saturday evening, I joined my friend Dax (aka Relax With Dax) for some food & wine at the new Toro Wine Bar in the trendy De Waterkant area.  Toro means “bull” in Italian – just in case my blog post heading didn’t make any sense. ;)

It’s a very cool, cozy spot.  Not pretentious at all and with a great inside/outside flow with its large window which overlooks a little balcony type area.

Toro Wine Bar has a simple, yet totally inviting Italian inspired food menu consisting of an Antipasti board, some yummy Panini options, delicious Bruschetta, Gratins (OK, that one’s French) and then some sweet things to end off with. Also, as the name would suggest, they have a seriously impressive wine selection.

Wonder how many I could "smokkel" away in my handbag.... Hmmm...

We opted to have some Ladera wine.  I went for the Wild Child Chardonnay and Dax had their Zahir Syrah (aka Shiraz).  I was very happy with my choice and probably ended up having a little too much of it actually (my cheeks were pretty warm by the end of the evening. haha).  I also got to taste Dax’s Shiraz and can say it was very easy drinking as well.  I’m not a huge fan of Shiraz, but could’ve easily had a couple of glasses of that.

Grant, the lovely owner, looked after us for the evening.  He put together a special Antipasti board consisting of two types of cheeses, some awesome cured meats, sun dried tomatoes, salted nuts and some very interesting preserves.


You can basically make up your own Antipasti board.  Here’s a list of their regular options:

Charcuterie ( R15 per item)
Montanara salami – salami from Sardinia, Italy
Parma ham – ham cured in the hills of parma, Italy
Chorizo – A paprika based Spanish sausage
Coppa – Dry cured Italian ham
Black Forest Ham – Germanic Smoked Air Cured Ham

Cheeses ( R15 per item)
Brie – An old School cheese board addition!
Camembert – A traditional favourite from Normandy
Taleggio – Casanova’s cheese of Choice from Lombardy
Manchego -Spanish sheep’s milk cheese
Parmigiano – Another classic ( Served Chunky, like we like it )
Gorgonzola – Italian Creamy blue

The pickle & preserve experience (Includes fresh breads and accompaniments ) R50

Then you can also just ask for any “special items” that might not be on the standard menu.  It will be totally worth it, trust me. :)

That Antipasti board made me incredibly happy.  It took me back to my trip to Italy in June.  Just too bad I wasn’t surrounded by charming Italian men offering to pay for my dinner.  Oh well, you can’t have everything I guess. haha.  I could have happily snacked away on that board for the entire evening – I especially loved trying weird & wonderful combinations of cheeses, meats & preserves.  I felt like a kid, exploring different tastes for the first time…

After the Antipasti board, Dax was still a bit peckish and I was keen to try out some more yummy stuff. So we also shared the Bruschetta special for the day (R40).

Delicious artichoke, various other greens, some cheese & olive oil.

It was very tasty and the bread was awesome. However, I seriously battled to cut through the crazy crust.  So Dax had to cut it up into small pieces for me.  Thanks again Dax! ;)

Now… on to my official Miss K Kiss-o-Meter ratings for Toro:

  • Vibe:
  • Price:
  • Food:
  • Service:

That awesome service could have had something to do with the fact that I was dining with Dax.  That man has some serious power in the Cape Town food circuit.  But Grant really did look after us well.  So they still totally deserve the 5 kiss rating.  The evening just flowed, we got there at 8pm and the next time I looked at my watch it was 11:30pm already!  Was a really great evening…

And I will be back for that Antipasti board for sure.