Pretty little things at Nine West for Spring / Summer 2013

DSC03179On Wed eve I was invited to a “Pretty little preview” of Nine West‘s hot new spring / summer 2013 looks.

We were welcomed at their store in the V&A Waterfront with the prettiest pink cocktails and an array of very yummy little canapés, all in keeping with the launch theme of “Pretty little things”.  You could even sit down for a relaxing foot massage and pedi folks…  I must say, that was a really great treat.

A host of media and blogger ladies assembled to ooh & aah over all the beautiful new shoes and bags, and we all seemed to have that new accessories glow…

I mean seriously, there are few things in life that makes me happier than being surrounded by beautiful shoes & bags.  They spread happiness all around the world!


Top left: Look how happy I am… (pic thx to @MsJingleJangle); Bottom left:  the lovely Vanessa was spinning some sexy tunes; Bottom right: With Jasna from and Clouds from


Now let’s get down to the top trends for spring / summer.  These are the looks you’ll want to be rocking:

  • Metallica – which is all about metallic hues like soft gold, rose gold and silver:


  • Mod Squad – bold, bright colours baby:
  • The Perfect Picnic – ice cream colours, floral prints & stripes, also with cork & woven details:
  • Sail Away – celebrating nautical vibes with red, white & blue:
  • In Print – is all about “print blocking”, which is mixing/blending different prints:
  • Exotica – hyper exotic snake prints…

Pricing wise, you’re looking at flat pumps & sandals ranging from R799 to R999, and courts / heels / wedges from R899 to R1299.  Some might think that’s a little pricey, but I have to say, whenever I’ve invested in a pair of Nine West heels, they’ve lasted and lasted.  They do really great quality shoes.

Over and above these hot trends, if you’re looking for something a little more subdued, I also spotted some great classic blacks and neutrals:


I’m totally in love with those wedges top right…

A huge thank you to the lovely ladies from Nine West for looking after us so well on the night and also to Kerrin Tessendorf, PR manager at House of Busby, for allowing me to join in on the fun. 

To wrap up, I’ll leave you with some more items to lust after…


Ooooooohhh….  I want them all…

Seen anything you like?


Steve Madden opens in Canal Walk – shoe lovers (guys & girls) check this out

Last night I attended the opening of the first Steve Madden store in Cape Town which has found its home in Canal Walk.

You’ll find it upstairs, close to the food court.  I think there used to be a San Marina shoe store there before.  Anyhoo, Mr Madden is considered one of the most successful shoe designers in the US and has been designing shoes for the Steve Madden label for two decades already.  He gets his inspriation from street style he observes in places like NY and London and his target market is young fashion forward guys and girls who aren’t scared to show off a bit of flair.  I like the sound of that…

We were welcomed by seriously some of the best food & drinks I’ve had at a launch in quite some time.  The canapes were soooo yummy, especially these red wine super soft fillet steak sosaties… Mmmmmm.

Oh and then they had all kinds of candy everywhere!  Pyramids of everything your heart could possibly desire… Chocolate covered marshmallows, donuts with sprinkles, cake pops (that’s a lollipop with soft, fluffy cake inside!), heart shaped candy canes, you name it… they totally stuffed up my summer body plans… I guess that will start next week now: ;)

Ooooh and then cocktail wise they had Turkish delight flavoured cosmopolitans!  Doesn’t that sound amazing???  That’s cause it was.  Even the men were braving to drink some pink drinks because it was just that good…

Now let’s get down to the business of the store and the main attraction, the shoes of course.  You’ll be happy to know that the shoes you’ll find very closely matches that of which you’ll see overseas right now, with the only difference really being the very seasonal stuff.  As the US is going into winter now, they’ll obviously have lots of boots to pick from, but for us summer sandals make more sense right now.  Also the store interior apparently matches their NY store as well.

Now I’m going to kick off with the mens shoes because I know I lose the boys once I start going on about heels, sexy sandals, oversized cluthes and stuff. :)  These are some of the cool mens shoes you’ll find:

Top left – two tone shoe R999; Top right – black snakeskin R999, Middle – boots (these were my favourites) R899; Bottom left – casual loafers R599; Bottom right – brown smart shoe R899

For the ladies: this season think bright neon sandals, sky high wedges and any kind of “bling” detail like studds, glitter, snakeskin, animal print, etc.

Main – studded heels R1499; Clockwise from top right – snakeskin R1199; glitter heels R799; Blue wedges R1199; diamante heels R1299; summer wedges R799 – I’ve just got to own that snakeskin pair!

Top left – sorry, didn’t get price on these, but loved them too much not to show them to you; Top right – boots R1799; Bottom – neon sandals R499

Of course what’s a good pair of heels without a fabulous bag, right? Don’t worry, Steve’s got you covered girls:

Top left – bright clutches R499; Top right – quilted black bag R999; Fringe bag – R699; Middle – animal print clutch R699; Bottom – neon bag R799

There’s quite a few things on my wish list already.  I’m just battling a head cold at the moment, so my brain wasn’t in shopping mode last night.  I think I’ll go back over the weekend and take my time to look through everything again.  I mean shoes are an investment purchase, you can’t just rush into it, especially when you’re not thinking straight. ;)


My online shopping addiction makes it’s way to the UK

A few weeks ago I decided to try a purchase from UK based store, New Look.  Their clothing’s a not really great, it looks quite cheap & ill-fitting BUT they have really nice shoes & bags.  Two of my favourite things in the world! :)

One really awesome perk is that they do FREE delivery worldwide for orders over £55.  Sweeeeeet.  I decided to test the waters with a small purchase, so I got two easy priced bags & some pretty undies.  According to their website my order was suppose to arrive within 5 – 7 working days, which seemed pretty good as my orders from in the US usually take about the same amount of time to arrive.  But then to my surprise, my order status changed to “dispatched” practically overnight… this got me very excited…

Sadly that excitement faded as each day passed… and eventually the days turned into weeks… and then by last week I had kinda prepared myself for my order never ever arriving.  I decided to email them to find out whether they could tell me where my parcel was as the tracking feature on the website wasn’t working with my tracking number.  This is when they told me that they actually can’t track international orders.  Interesting news as they certainly don’t explain that part on their Delivery & Returns help pages.  They told me that if my order hadn’t arrived by 20 Apr, I could proceed to officially log a request for them to find out what happened to it.  At that point I thought to myself… “Gawd, it’s been almost 4 weeks, I bet you someone from the SA postal service is already wearing my damn underwear!!!” ;)

Then on “D-day” I finally got a notice from the post office about an international parcel ready for collection.  Talk about cutting it fine.  I rushed over there and had to pay R15 to have the parcel released, but I wasn’t asked to pay any custom duties.  I couldn’t believe my luck as one would normally expect to be nailed with about 45% import tax (and that’s certainly what I had prepared myself for), but seems I was a very very lucky girl.  I’m not sure if they just decided to let the first order slide, or maybe the way it was packaged made sure it didn’t raise any eyebrows…  I mean, it did arrive in a bloody black bag! haha.  Check it out:

This parcel screams "this person has no money!"

I was a bit worried about what state my things would be in, but everything was cool.   Here’s my zig zag weave oversized clutch which I got for £12.99:

And then my black & white colour block satchel with a mock crock feel (£19.99):

And lastly my cute undies which were between £4.99 and £5.99 each:

Size wise, the UK is the same as SA. So if you're a size 8 here, you'll be a size 8 there. Easy peasy.

The undies aren’t the worlds best quality – I would say they’re kinda on par with Mr Price’s underwear.  So I wouldn’t say they were the best deal (pound to rand exchange rate sits at about 12.66 at the moment).  But I LOVE my two bags.

Oh and boys, they have a mens section as well.  I did a quick browse through their mens shoes & accessories section and they have some really nice things there.  Items which caught my eye included these funky Gola sneakers for £34.99:

And these fold over shoes which are on sale for only £15!

Perfect for winter guys...

Oh and my absolute favourite, check out this awesome moustache print wallet for £6.99:

Seriously, how cool is that?

So will I order from New Look again?  Yeah, it’s likely.  It loses big points on the instant gratification scale, but at least next time I’ll be prepared for the long wait.

I’m a bit sad that we’re now pretty much right into cold, miserable winter weather… cause I’ve kinda fallen in love with these babies:

Colour block strappy sandals - £19.99

But I guess it’s totally acceptable to be really prepared for next summer waaaaay ahead of time, right?


The two new men in my life: Charles & Keith!

There is a new major player in town when it comes to fabulous shoes & bags – Charles & Keith.

The Charles & Keith brand originated in Singapore back in 1996 and has since taken the fashion world by storm. It’s been brought to our South African shores by the Foschini Group, which means you can use your Foschini group store card here ladies!

The first store in Cape Town was opened last week on the 25th of Aug in the Canal Walk shopping centre.  Actually, I’m not sure if this is the first store in the country?  I couldn’t find much info on it on the web…  Anyhoo…

Yes... come on in ladies, and bring those credit cards!

It’s a truly beautiful store.  Great lighting, great displays… all conducive to total shoe & bag indulgence.

Oooooh, look at all the pretty things...

I especially loved the super sexy in-store campaign posters:

How gorgeous is that?

I was so lucky, because while cleaning out my “every day” handbag – which had turned into a scary abyss where things go to die or disappear forever – I discovered R550 in Foschini Group vouchers!  I think I got them for my bday last year and had totally forgotten about them.  Score!

This meant I could go crazy without really worrying about the price tag. Woohoo!  Turns out thought that I really didn’t have to worry about the price tag, these shoes & bags are really well priced.  I would say Charles & Keith would be competing in the Zoom Footwear category…  Ooooh, some competition there guys…

I walked outta there with 2 new pairs of shoes – a pair of black gladiator style sandals (R349) and a sexy pair of dark purple heels (R449):

I just can't wait to show these babies off...

With my awesome vouchers, that meant I only had to pay in R248!   Just plain faaaaabulous…

I got so excited about all of the shoes, that I didn’t really pay enough attention to the bags.  So I’m gonna have to go back for a follow up visit… soon!   You guys better get your asses over there before I clean shop. ;)