Camps Bay’s new kid on the block

On Sat eve I went to the opening of a new night spot called Nisha.   Nisha is in the same spot as the old Karma used to be, so that’s the Penthouse Suite, The Promenade on Victoria Road in Camps Bay.

Before I continue – I just have to state for the record… I think the name is terrible!  It sounds like the name of a poppie with false nails and an orange tan who happens to work after hours as a “dancer”. :)

The owners consist of 2 JHB business men and a local guy.  According to these 3 gentlemen, the name was inspired by the thought of a “Niche Market” – which is the subset on which the club is focused on.  Um… OK then…

Hottie Aidan Bennetts (I’m still dreaming of him carving me a chair out of a piece of beach wood, preferably minimally clothed. ;)) and his new partner in design, Stephen Lasker, were asked to do the interior for the club.

As you enter you’re welcomed by a striking white theme with lots of neon lights:

And then there are these over sized hexagonal lights hanging from above:

Even the bar is a bit of a showcase – with it’s little pyramid of booze, all lit up Times Square style:

Hmmm... I think I'll work my way from top to bottom.

It was quite hot inside. I was sweating and I was in a little cocktail dress.  I felt really bad for the guys in long sleeve shirts.  We joked that they probably had a tight budget and in the end it came down to either air conditioning or those hexagon lights.  And clearly the lights won. hehe.

To be honest, the atmosphere was quite stuffy.  Nisha didn’t have the laid back feel I’ve come to love about most Cape Town spots.  They’re trying to sell the idea of ultimate exclusivity blah blah blah… but is that really what true Capetonians give a damn about?  The people I usually party with don’t really care whether you’re seen at the right place, wearing the right label, hanging with the right crowd… they just care about being able to relax and to have a great time.  No frills, no fuss.  In the end we didn’t have too late a night there – my couch sounded like a more intriguing option.

So do I think it will last past the summer season?  Not too sure. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


PS:  Pics came out a bit dark – was hard with the neon lights.

Cosmo puts on one hell of a show!

On Thu eve I attended the Cosmopolitan SA Lingerie fashion Show 2011.   How did I get in exactly?  Well the lovely Bjorn Steinbach sorted out an invite for me.  You see he got invited because he is Cosmopolitan’s very own Mr December on their 2011 Sexy Man calendar, check it out:

Hotness. AND December happens to be my birthday month!  Bjorn’s not just a pretty face, he’s a talented actor.  Go check out his IMDb link above to see what he’s worked on.

The event took place at the amazing Upper Eastside Hotel in Woodstock.  I had no idea this place even existed, and I was blown away at how impressive this venue was.

There were lots of little stands where you could peruse through sexy lingerie.  Revlon offered mini makeovers and you could even have your photo taken with some Wonderbra hotties.  Triump went for a “live display” option:

Wait, those mannequins move! ;)

I picked up my complimentary Absolut Vodka coctail and we went off to do a bit of exploring and mingling before we were asked to take our seats for the show.  We were very lucky to have 2nd row seats, just look at how excited we were:

Ready to see some hot chicks in some hot lingerie… oh yeah.

The show featured all of the lingerie ranges from the September 2011 Cosmopolitan Lingerie feature.  This included some sexy items from Wonderbra, La Senza, Jockey, After Eden,  Temptations, Shelley, Edgars Free 2BU, Triump, Maidenform & Sloggi.

It opened with quite a bang – very Victoria Secret fashion show inspired, but with a SA twist:

Then Adeline Mucke (accompanied by Albert Frost) did a sexy number for us.  You’ll probably remember Adeline from the SA Idols top ten last year.   I don’t really follow SA Idols, but I was very impressed by her singing ability…  she has a great voice, and clearly she’s also a total bombshell:

I have to just show you a piccie of the stage, was so cool with these huge doors which were opened by some scantily clad muscle boys at the beginning of the show:

I must also note that the models in this show were some of the hottest women I have seen in a long time.  The line-up included big names such at Tracy McGregor & Lieschen Botes and they all made me promise myself that I will be spending way more time in the gym from now on!

From angelic whites we went to some Naughty & Nice lingerie:

Then we got to drool at the absolute hotness that is Aidan Bennetts:

Aidan is not just that hottie from Top Billing and a talented designer.  He also happens to be a Muay Thai champoin, hence the fighter themed ramp appearance.

Then there was some more hot & sexy lingerie:

A mini burlesque show:

And Arno Carstens came out to do a song:

Lastly, the grand finale, all in red:

My favourite biets, Leigh (aka Lipglossgirl) was also amongst the lucky invitees:

Bjorn surrounded by women… lucky man.

And I also got to catch up with fashion blogger, Jasna Zellerhoff (aka Fashionjazz):

Geeze that chick is tall! Poor Leila and I look like dwarves… haha

We got to enjoy some snacks and even got to bust out some moves on the dance floor before we needed to head over to the Global Party at the Fez.   Was having such a great time though, I didn’t really want to leave!

According to the invite, the event was put together by the PR people at Associated Magazines.  For those who don’t know, Associated Magazines publishes Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, House and Leisure & The Oprah magazine.  Fantastic job guys!  Was a seriously impressive event. :)

Check out the Cosmopolitan SA website for all the official event pics.


PS:  I just found a cool piccie on from the party:

The cutie on my left is Siv Ngesi – check him out on the new Castle Lager ad where a group of SA guys head over to London to check out how they do a “braai”.   Love it. ;)

Living it up, celeb style…

On Monday eve my friend Leigh (aka Lipglossgirl) invited me along to this fancy pants dinner event as her “plus one”.   Thanks again biets!  Mwah! ♥♥♥

The event was called “Taste of Spring” and the invite stated the following: “Wanted and Table Bay Hotel will celebrate the creativity and passion of good food and wine at our Gourmet Dinner, Fashion and Wine experience…”  Doesn’t that just sound amazing?

For those of you who do not know who/what Wanted is – it is the newspaper, Business Day’s award winning lifestyle magazine.  The event was coordinated by Jill Groger from Zebra Square, who I thought did an absolutely brilliant job of ensuring we all had a memorable evening.

We first met up at the uber trendy & glam men’s fashion store, Fabiani (upper level, V&A Waterfront), for pre-dinner drinks:

Faaaabulous dahling...

There they had this lovely Chivas Regal gentleman serving up some classic Scottish charm… on the rocks of course… ;)

Keeping the crowd happy

Now I’m going to be honest, I’m not really a whiskey drinker.  Maybe one day when I’m a “big girl” I’ll have the palate for it.  But for now, the only way I manage to consume this golden liquid is in shot form.  Yes, I realise that’s a horrible horrible sin.  But that’s just the way I roll…  I do at least look really good just holding it:

Practicing my Chivas grin...

Fabiani stocks some great men’s fashion, but I was especially delighted to stumble upon “Happy Socks”:

The happiest socks I have ever seen!

I loooove them!  I think most men are way too boring when it comes to fashion.  Live a little, have some fun with it, dare to be different!!!  And what easier way to slowly get you into it than with socks…  Easy peasy right?  Another great way for a guy to show a bit of his daring side is with a great tie, and Fabiani can totally hook you up.

Anybody wanna buy a tie? ;)

We soon realised that Leigh and myself would make the ultimate “double trouble” sales team:

Tie me up baby!

Something we should consider, hmmmm… could be raking in some nice commission. :)  While chatting to Fabiani owner, Arie Fabian, I looked down and realised that he was rocking a pair of his very own “Happy Socks” – yeah baby!

Only a real man can pull off socks like these!

Soon it was time to head over to the breathtaking Table Bay Hotel.  Just look how gorgeous that place is:

Ta da!

And just check out this beautiful atrium style lounge area:

Even more ta da!

As we were seated we realised that we were in for an extra little treat – free Gucci fragrances & Southern Right honey for all the guests!  Yay!

Pretty damn sweet... excuse the pun. haha

We then got to mingle with the oh-so-charming Anthony Hamilton Russell, owner of Hamilton Russel Vineyards (located in the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley in Hermanus).  The winery produces wine under 3 different labels:  Hamilton Russel Vineyards, Ashbourne & Southern Right.  We were lucky enough to sample two of the wines from the Southern Right label:  The 2011 Sauvignon Blanc and the 2009 Pinotage.  Anthony describes the Sauvignon Blanc (which retails at about R85 per bottle) as “Hermanus’ wine”. I must say I really enjoyed it and it’s got quite an impressive “brag sheet”:  Rated best South African Sauvignon Blanc in the Wall Street Journal (April 2008), voted as one of the 12 best value wines in South Africa by the Wine Spectator in the US, only Sauvignon Blanc to win a gold medal at the 2009 Classic Wine Trophy Awards and the lists goes on and on.  The pinotage was lovely as well and is also backed up by a long list of accolades, but I must admit I found myself enjoying that Sauvignon far too much… if you know what I mean… ;)

The brunette, the blond & the wine maker. That could be a brilliant title for a movie!

Before we settled down for our gourmet 3 course dinner, there was an announcement – a surprise dinner guest was joining us… We were all speculating at who it could be… And then in walked gorgeous actor, Blair Underwood!  You’ll know him from the hit TV series, L.A. Law and movies such as Gattaca & Deep Impact.

Here's me totally starstruck...

He was absolutely lovely and didn’t look a day over 35! (He is in fact 47 years old)  Really good genes I guess.  After all that excitement, we moved onto the food…  The Table Bay Hotel executive chef, Jocelyn Myers, was looking after us for the evening, and boy did she do one hell of a job!

For starters we had Springbok & beetroot carpaccio – with pickled shemiji, parsley/radish salsa, balsamic pearls and roasted garlic melba.  That’s a mouth full!

Just bring me meat! (The Afrikaans "meisie" in me just loved this one)

Then for mains we had seared peppered Sword fish – with confit tomato, apple and fennel, chervil beurre blanc:

That sauce and those juicy little tomatoes on the top were the deal clinchers for me.

During our break before dessert, we got to get up close and personal with some local celebs.  Blonde bombshell, Lieschen Botes, was there.  You might remember her best as the Wonderbra girl a few years back.  Anyhoo, she’s absolutely gorgeous, totally down to earth and very easy to talk to.  A total sweetheart!  Then I got totally overwhelmed when I spotted Top Billing hottie, Aidan Bennetts:

OK, this is a HORRIBLE picture of me, but this boy is soooo cute, had to post the picture regardless. ;)

Aidan also owns his own interior design company – Aidan Bennetts Design -  and makes beautiful furniture pieces.  Actually, I’ve been wanting him to make some furniture for me, preferably wearing minimal clothing… OK OK, I actually meant to say in the nude! haha.

After all that hotness, it was time for dessert.  We had chevin & pear pannacotta with a wild cherry compote:

Even though there was no chocolate in sight, I still really loved this.

Sjoe, at that point I was totally stuffed and slightly tipsy.   Two signs of a great evening for sure. ;)  I had such a fantastic time… What a way to kick start your week!  I could totally get used to this “good life” thing…

Chat soon. xxx