My kick ass Stonemen undies

So anybody else heard of Stonemen underwear?  It’s an Australian brand which I only stumbled upon recently thanks to the BF.  You see a few weeks back he came storming into my apartment, pulled down his pants (don’t worry – this story is totally above board) and then danced around my lounge flashing his new fancy undies…  Me being someone who if I wasn’t the one to make the awesome discovery, likes to downplay how impressed I am in an attempt to come across as “too cool for school”.  I blame it on the bloody Cape Town hipster culture, I think they’re starting to rub off on me somehow. :)  So anyhoo, my response was a blank look and then the words “meh… whatevs… it’s just freakin’ underpants dude”.  BUT in my head I was thinking DAMN they are cool… I wonder if they do ladies undies as well…

That first pair he showed off was a pair like these:

Oh yeah baby... wild horses can't keep me away... hehe

And the next day he was sporting a pair like these:

Bringing out your inner "surfer dude" ala Matthew McConaughey... me likey!

Side note:  If you’re not brave enough for these undies, no stress – they do longer boxer style undies as well.

A few days later, after I had waited the appropriate time to not seem too interested… I went with the old “I have a friend who wants a pair” story.  With a big “I win” smile on his face he said “Don’t worry baby, daddy can hook you up”.  (OK OK, maaaaybe he never actually uttered the words “baby” or “daddy” – but that’s how I choose to recall how it went down ;) )

Next time I saw him, he had a little prezzie.  Two pairs of Stonemen ladies undies just for me!  One pair to get in touch with nature:

And then another pair to bring out my wild side:

Turns out by some random luck he had met Robbie Malan from Stonemen who’s been looking at bringing the brand to SA shores.  According to Robbie their underwear is currently only available online, but he’s hoping that we’ll see Stonemen undies in selected stores before xmas this year.

Stonemen undies are actually quite special.  They are the first in the world to do a 360 degree engineered print on cotton.  The images used are either photographic, airbrushed, painted or illustrations which give them quite a unique look.  I think the best part is that boys finally have a fun yet stylish option when it comes to their briefs.  I mean let’s face it… in general boys underwear’s a total snooze fest… bland grey/white/black options which don’t exactly get us ladies excited.  Think those sad looking 5 packs.  You know exactly which ones I’m referring too, don’t you?  Totally blah.

I can also totally vouch for their great quality and very comfy fit.  Just one thing to note is that it seems to be a smallish fit.  I would normally wear a small, but in these the medium fits perfectly.  The BF also went one size up from what he normally wears.  But just check out the sizing guide on the site to be 100% sure.  It’s easy peasy.

And how’s this for extra awesomeness – My Love Affair with Cape Town readers will get a sweet 20% off by entering the following discount code at checkout:  loveCT

Just make sure the “CT” is in CAPS.  You can use this code for as many purchases as you wish. :)

Feeling a little creative?  You can win a cool $1000 AUD by submitting your very own Stonemen design.  And for the surfers guys & gals out there, they’re running a competition where you can win a pretty insane surfboard.  Entries close end April – so go check it out asap.

Happy shopping & undies flashing all!