Great sushi in the “burbs”

To celebrate my friend Joe’s bday, we headed out to the “burbs” to his uncle’s sushi place in Plattekloof Rd.

Bluefin is in the Plattekloof Village (on the cnr of Baronetcy Blvd) and does some really tasty & inventive seafood and sushi options.

I really loved the crisp, modern decor which gives it a very elegant feel:

I didn’t take down prices because it turned out that the birthday boy was sticking us for an amazing meal.  So apologies for that – but what I can say is that as I quickly squizzed through the menu I thought the prices were very reasonable.

Here are some piccies of the food to tempt your tastebuds:

Rainbow roll

Tuna crunch roll (this was especially awesome!)

The rice was the perfect stickiness, the fish was incredibly fresh and the flavours really popped.  I had a BIG sushi happiness smile on my face.  Oooh, and also check out the kick ass cake they organised for the special occasion:

Mmmmmm... it was so fluffy and creamy... like a little piece of heaven on a plate...

My Miss K Kiss-o-Meter rating for Bluefin would be:

I’d say if you’re in the northern suburbs for whatever reason and you’ve got a big sushi craving, this is a really good bet.